MB1870: Manitoba Historical Photographs

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Tashiro, March 9/68, Sports, Hockey Southside City Tom Thumb Champions, Southside Tom Thumbs won the city championship and the Joe White trophy when they ousted two West End teams Saturday. Shown here in the back, left to right, Glen Saunders, assistant coach; Kelly Giffin coach; Bud Spratt, manager; Ralph Pruden, manager. Standing, left to right: Cal Spratt, Kevin Pruden, John King, Ross Miller, Ross Kool, Angus Moar. Kneeling are: Donnie Simmons, Billy Garrioch, Scott Giffin, Dale Slous, Danny Frith, Kevin Saunders, Billy Linden. Missing from the lineup: Jeff Sing, Kenny Davis, Bruce Besplug and Dale Morrisseau.