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Assumption of the Virgin Mary Ukrainian Greek Orthodox CemeteryDe Salaberry
Assumption of the Virgin Mary Ukrainian Greek Orthodox ChurchDe SalaberryDufrost
Avon School No. 1989De Salaberry
Carey School No. 1632De SalaberryCarey
Catellier-Gratton Family MemorialDe Salaberry
Dufrost Community HallDe SalaberryDufrost
Dufrost School No. 1505De Salaberry
Empress School No. 1116De Salaberry
Frontenac School No. 2217De SalaberryDufrost
Gosselin Family MonumentDe Salaberry
Lambert HouseDe Salaberry
La Rochelle School No. 1133De Salaberry
Levis School No. 1005De Salaberry
Lichtenau Mennonite CemeteryDe Salaberry
Lister East School No. 2223De Salaberry
Lister West School No. 2302De Salaberry
Louis Malo Pioneer SiteDe Salaberry
Maison St. Joseph / St. Joseph College / Providence University CollegeDe SalaberryOtterburne
Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorDe SalaberryCarey
Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorDe SalaberryDufrost
Marais School No. 1385De Salaberry
Otterburne School No. 1486De SalaberryOtterburne
Otterburne West CemeteryDe Salaberry
Otterburne West School No. 950De Salaberry
Paterson Grain ElevatorDe SalaberryDufrost
Pioneer Grain ElevatorDe SalaberryCarey
Robidoux Family MonumentDe SalaberryOtterburne
Spencer School No. 1969 / Spencer South SchoolDe Salaberry
Ste. Elizabeth School No. 1072De SalaberrySte. Elizabeth
Ste. Genevieve School No. 1362De Salaberry
St. Isidore School No. 2249De Salaberry
St. Malo GrottoDe Salaberry
St. Malo MuseumDe SalaberrySt. Malo
St. Malo Roman Catholic CemeteryDe Salaberry
St. Malo Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryDe SalaberrySt. Malo
St. Malo SchoolDe SalaberrySt. Malo
St. Pierre North School / St. Viateur East School No. 1206De Salaberry
St. Pierre South School No. 1305De Salaberry
St. Viateur Roman Catholic CemeteryDe SalaberryOtterburne
St. Viateur Roman Catholic ChurchDe SalaberryOtterburne
Tone Grain SiloDe Salaberry
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorDe SalaberryOtterburne
Weidenfeld CemeteryDe Salaberry