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Alexander CemeteryWhiteheadAlexander
All Saints Anglican CemeteryWest InterlakeScotch Bay
All Saints Anglican CemeteryBoissevain-Morton
All Saint's Anglican Church and CemeteryMinto-Odanah
All Saints Anglican Church and CemeteryWoodlandsErinview
All Saints Anglican Church and Cemetery / Robinson Spur CemeterySt. Andrews
All Saints Cemetery / Riverside CemeteryWest St. Paul4535 Main Street
All Saints Victoria Anglican Church and CemeteryRockwood
Alpine Church and CemeterySwan Valley West
Altamont Cemetery / Altamont War MemorialLorneAltamont
Altona Community CemeteryAltona
Altona Community CemeteryRhineland
Altona Sommerfeld Mennonite CemeteryAltona
Anderson Church and CemeterySt. Andrews
Andrechuk Jehovah Witness CemeteryRitchot
Arborg Community Cemetery / Ardal Lutheran CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
Arden CemeteryGlenella-Lansdowne
Argyle CemeteryYellowhead
Argyle CemeteryArgyle
Arnaud Mennonite Brethren CemeteryEmerson-FranklinArnaud
Arnaud Mennonite CemeteryEmerson-FranklinArnaud
Arnaud United Church and CemeteryEmerson-FranklinArnaud
Arnes Lutheran CemeteryGimli
Arrow River CemeteryPrairie View
Ascension of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMossey RiverUkraina
Ascension of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery / Pulp River and District CemeteryMountainPulp River
Ascension of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryStuartburnSundown
Ascension of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryHarrison Park
Asessippi CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Ashern Gospel Chapel CemeteryWest Interlake
Ashern Roman Catholic CemeteryWest InterlakeAshern
Ashern United Church and CemeteryWest InterlakeAshern
Ashfield Ukrainian Orthodox CemeterySt. Clements
Assiniboine Memorial Park Cemetery / Chapel Lawn Memorial GardensWinnipeg4000 Portage Avenue
Assumption of Our Lady Catholic Church and CemeteryGilbert Plains
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic CemeteryArmstrongMeleb
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryGilbert Plains
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryEthelbertKulish
Assumption Roman Catholic CemeteryWinnipeg3990 Portage Avenue
Aubigny Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryMorris (RM)Aubigny
Austin Cemetery and War MemorialNorth NorfolkAustin
Avonlea CemeteryMacdonald
Badger CemeteryPineyBadger
Baldur CemeteryArgyleBaldur
Balsam Bay CemeterySt. Clements
Barnardo CemeteryRussell-Binscarth
Basswood CemeteryOakviewBasswood
Beachside Polish Pioneers CemeteryGimli
Beaconsfield Presbyterian Church and CemeteryLorne
Beausejour Community CemeteryBeausejour
Beaver Creek Cemetery and CenotaphNorth Norfolk
Beaver Rapids CemeteryEllice-Archie
Bede CemeteryTwo Borders
Belgian Sacred Heart CemeteryWinnipeg501 Plinguet Street
Bellsite CemeteryMountainBellsite
Bend CemeteryYellowhead
Bender CemeteryArmstrongBender Hamlet
Benito CemeterySwan Valley WestBenito
Bennett CemeteryWallace-Woodworth
Berchmans CemeteryVictoria
Bergfeld Mennonite Cemetery / North Neuhoffnung CemeteryRhineland
Betel CemeteryWest InterlakeSilver Bay
Bethania CemeteryClanwilliam-Erickson
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery / Freefield East CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Bethany South CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Bethel CemeteryRoland
Bethel CemeteryNorfolk Treherne
Bethel Church / St. Mark's Anglican CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)St. Mark's
Bethel Lutheran Church and CemeteryClanwilliam-EricksonDanvers
Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran CemeteryClanwilliam-EricksonScandinavia
Bethlehem Memorial CemeteryCartierDacotah
Betsey Ramsay GravesiteBifrost-Riverton
Beulah CemeteryPrairie View
Bield CemeteryRoblin
Big Point CemeteryWestLake-Gladstone
Binscarth CemeteryRussell-BinscarthBinscarth
Birchwood CemeterySwan River
Bird River CemeteryAlexanderBird River
Birnie CemeteryRosedale
Birtle CemeteryPrairie ViewBirtle
Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic CemeteryCartierElie
Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryRitchot
Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic CemeterySt. AndrewsRossdale
Bloomfeld CemeteryRhineland
Bloomfield Rosewell CemeteryRoland
Blumenfeld CemeteryStanleyBlumenfeld
Blumengard CMC Heritage CemeteryHanover
Blumenhof Community CemeteryHanoverBlumenort
Blumenort Evangelical Mennonite CemeteryHanoverBlumenort
Blumenort Evangelical Mennonite New CemeteryHanoverBlumenort
Blumenthal North CemeteryRhineland
BMHC North CemeteryBrandon
BMHC South CemeteryBrandon
B'Nai Israel Jewish CemeteryBrandonTwentieth Street
Bnay Abraham CemeteryWest St. Paul4639 Main Street
Boissevain and Morton CemeteryBoissevain-MortonMill Road, Boissevain
Bonnie Doon CemeteryWoodlands
Bowsman New CemeteryMinitonas-BowsmanBowsman
Bowsman Old CemeteryMinitonas-BowsmanBowsman
Boyan St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryEthelbert
Boychuk Cemetery / Christiana CemeteryMountain
Boyd CemeteryMinto-Odanah
Bradley GravesiteEmerson-FranklinEmerson
Brandon CemeteryBrandonEighteenth Street
Brandon Hills CemeteryCornwallis
Brandon Indian Residential School CemeteryCornwallis
Brandon Mental Health CentreBrandonFirst Street
Brandon Old Indian Residential School CemeteryBrandon
Brant Argyle Cemetery / Argyle War MemorialRockwood
Breadalbane CemeteryWallace-Woodworth
Brookdale CemeteryNorth Cypress-Langford
Brookside CemeteryWinnipeg3001 Notre Dame Avenue
Brookside CemeterySnow Lake
Brookside CemeterySt. Clements
Broomhill CemeteryTwo Borders
Bru CemeteryArgyle
Burnside CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
Cadurcis Presbyterian CemeteryOakview
Caliento Community CemeteryStuartburnCaliento
Camperville Community CemeteryMountain
Camp Hughes CemeteryNorth Cypress-Langford
Cannon SD Community CemeteryMorris (RM)
Carberry Plains CemeteryCarberryFanny Street
Carroll CemeteryOakland-WawanesaCarroll
Cartwright CemeteryCartwright-RoblinCartwright
Caruk Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMountain
Castleavery CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Chain Lakes CemeteryGrassland
Chater CemeteryCornwallisChater
Chatfield Community CemeteryArmstrong
Chatsworth CemeteryGilbert Plains
Children of Israel CemeteryWinnipeg484 Almey Avenue
Chortitza Mennonite CemeteryHanoverRandolph
Chortitz New Mennonite CemeteryStanley
Christ Church Anglican and CemeteryThe Pas2 Saskatchewan Crescent
Christ Church CemeteryRockwoodStony Mountain
Christ Lutheran CemeteryGlenella-LansdowneWaldersee
Christ the King Roman Catholic CemeteryRossburn
Churchill Community CemeteryChurchill
Church of God in Christ (Holleman) Mennonite CemeteryMorris (RM)
Church of the Annunciation Roman Catholic CemeteryWoodlands
Clandeboye United Church and CemeterySt. AndrewsClandeboye
Clanwilliam CemeteryMinto-Odanah
Clarkleigh Community CemeteryColdwell
Clearsprings CemeteryHanover
Clearwater CemeteryLouise
Cloverdale United Church and CemeterySt. Andrews
Copley Anglican Church and CemeteryTwo Borders
Corpus Christi Roman Catholic CemeterySt. ClementsNarol
Coultervale CemeteryTwo Borders
Cranberry Portage Community CemeteryKelseyCranberry Portage
Crandall CemeteryPrairie ViewCrandall
Crandell CemeteryMountain
Crane River Roman Catholic CemeteryNorthern ManitobaCrane River
Crawford Park CemeteryHarrison ParkCrawford Park
Criddle-Vane Family CemeteryGlenboro-South CypressAweme
Crystal City CemeteryLouiseCrystal City
Czechoslovakian CemeteryBrokenhead
Darlingford CemeteryPembinaDarlingford
Dauphin Riverside CemeteryDauphin (City)Riverside Road
Deer Park CemeteryRoblinTummel
Del-Win CemeteryDeloraine-WinchesterDeloraine
Dennison Family CemeteryOakview
Descent of the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryRoblin
Descent of the Holy Spirit Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeterySwan Valley WestBenito
Diana Icelandic CemeteryTwo Borders
Dnister Memorial Cemetery / Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryGimli
Dog Lake CemeteryWest Interlake
Dominion City CemeteryEmerson-FranklinDominion City
Don CemeteryMossey River
Dropmore CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Dunara United Church and CemeterySt. Andrews
Dundas Cemetery / Dundas School No. 95Rockwood
Dunrea Protestant CemeteryPrairie LakesDunrea
East Braintree CemeteryReynolds
Eastdale Catholic CemeterySpringfieldAnola
East Selkirk Jehovah Witness CemeterySt. Clements
Ebor CemeteryPipestone
Edrans Cemetery / Edrans War MemorialNorth Cypress-Langford
Eigenhoff CemeteryRhineland
Eldon CemeteryGilbert Plains
Elgin CemeteryGrasslandElgin
Elkhorn CemeteryWallace-Woodworth
Elkhorn Indian Residential School CemeteryWallace-WoodworthElkhorn
Elkhorn Pioneer CemeteryWallace-WoodworthElkhorn
Elm Creek CemeteryGrey
Elmwood CemeteryWinnipeg88 Hespeler Avenue
Emerson CemeteryEmerson-FranklinEmerson
Erickson Municipal CemeteryClanwilliam-EricksonErickson
Eriksdale CemeteryWest Interlake
Fagrabakka CemeteryGimli
Fairdale CemeterySwan Valley West
Fairview CemeteryRoland
Faulkner CemeteryGrahamdale
Favor Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryMountain
First Ruthenian Cemetery / Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryGlenella-Lansdowne
Fisher Branch Pioneer Cemetery / Old St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryFisherFisher Branch
Fisherton CemeteryFisher
Fish Lake Cemetery / Metigoshe Metis CemeteryDeloraine-Winchester
Florence CemeteryGlenella-Lansdowne
Foley South Ukrainian Ruthenian CemeteryGimli
Fork River Roman Catholic CemeteryMossey RiverFork River
Fork River Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMossey RiverFork River
Fork River Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryMossey RiverFork River
Fort DufferinEmerson-FranklinEmerson
Fort Ellice CemeteryEllice-Archie
Fort Garry Roman Catholic CemeteryWinnipeg826 Crescent Drive
Foxwarren CemeteryPrairie View
Fraserwood Community CemeteryArmstrongFraserwood
Fraserwood Farms Cemetery / Rosolowich St. Basil Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryArmstrong
Freefield South CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Friedensthal Zion Evangelical Lutheran CemeteryEmerson-Franklin
Funk CemeteryRhineland
Furdewich Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMountain
Garland Union CemeteryEthelbertGarland
Garry Memorial Park / Thomson "In The Park" CemeteryWinnipeg1291 McGillivray Blvd
Garson CemeteryBrokenheadGarson
German Cemetery / Emmanuel CemeteryStanley
Geysir CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
Gillam CemeteryGillam
Gillis Farm Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryDauphin (RM)
Gimli CemeteryGimli
Gimli Icelandic Pioneer CemeteryGimli
Gladstone CemeteryWestLake-Gladstone
Glenboro CemeteryArgyle
Glenburney CemeteryMinto-Odanah
Glencoe CemeteryGlenboro-South Cypress
Glencross CemeteryStanley
Glen Eden Memorial Gardens / Riverside CemeteryWest St. Paul4477 Main Street
Glenhope Parish CemeteryAlonsa
Glen Lawn Memorial GardensWinnipeg455 Lagimodiere Blvd
God's Acre Cemetery / St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic CemeteryBifrost-RivertonArborg
Golden Bay Lutheran CemeteryBrokenhead
Goodland CemeteryGlenella-Lansdowne
Goodlands CemeteryBrenda-WaskadaGoodlands
Grace CemeteryStuartburnStuartburn
Grace Church of Gimli CemeteryGimli
Grace Lutheran Cemetery / Ashern Community CemeteryWest InterlakeAshern
Graftarnes / Nes Burial SiteBifrost-Riverton
Grand Rapids CemeteryGrand Rapids
Grandview District CemeteryGrandview
Grandview Memorial GardensGrandview
Grassmere Presbyterian CemeteryRockwood
Grassmere Presbyterian Church / Grassmere United Church and CemeteryRockwood
Graysville Mennonite CemeteryDufferin
Green Acres Memorial GardensSpringfield
Greenland Church of God in Christ Mennonite CemeterySte. Anne (Town)
Green Ridge CemeteryEmerson-Franklin
Greenwald Hutterite CemeteryBrokenheadGreenwald Hutterite Colony
Greenwood CemeteryCarman
Greenwood CemeteryWallace-Woodworth
Greenwood CemeteryLouisePilot Mound
Gretna CemeteryRhinelandGretna
Gretna Roman Catholic CemeteryRhinelandGretna
Griswold CemeterySifton
Grossweide North CemeteryRhineland
Grossweide South CemeteryRhineland
Gruenfeld Pioneer CemeteryHanover
Grund Lutheran CemeteryArgyle
Grunthal CemeteryHanoverGrunthal
Gull Lake Pioneer CemeterySt. Clements
Gypsumville Community CemeteryGrahamdale
Haga CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
Haig Catholic CemeteryEthelbert
Halbstadt Heinrichs CemeteryRhineland
Halbstadt West Mennonite Church and CemeteryRhineland
Halicz Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryGilbert Plains
Hamiota CemeteryHamiotaHamiota
Hamrlik Community Cemetery / St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryFisher
Hargrave CemeteryWallace-WoodworthHargrave
Harrowby CemeteryRussell-BinscarthHarrowby
Haskett CemeteryStanleyHaskett
Headingley Gaol CemeterySt. Francois Xavier
Hebrew Sick Benefit CemeteryWinnipeg2605 McPhillips Street
Hecla Island Lutheran Church and CemeteryHecla-Grindstone Provincial ParkHecla Island
Hecla South Hvassafell CemeteryHecla-Grindstone Provincial ParkHecla Island
Hespeler CemeteryNiverville
High Bluff Methodist CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
High Bluff Presbyterian ChurchPortage la Prairie (RM)
High Plains Cemetery / Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryFisher
Hillside CemeteryMordenThornhill Street
Hillside Hutterite CemeteryEltonHillside Colony
Hilltop Baptist Church and CemeteryClanwilliam-Erickson
Hilton CemeteryPrairie Lakes
Hnausa CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
Hochstadt North CemeteryHanover
Hochstadt South CemeteryHanover
Hodgson CemeteryFisherHodgson
Hofi Cemetery / Steinkirkja CemeteryGimli
Holland Brookdale CemeteryVictoriaHolland
Hollybourne CemeteryGrandview
Holmfield CemeteryKillarney-Turtle Mountain
Holy Angels Roman Catholic Cemetery / Oaknook CemeteryGilbert Plains
Holy Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryMossey RiverWinnipegosis
Holy Ascension Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMinnedosa
Holy Ascension Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryRiding Mountain WestPetlura
Holy Ascension Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryGilbert Plains
Holy Cross Cemetery / St. George CemeteryMountain
Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryRoblinZelena
Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryWhitemouthElma
Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryArmstrongPolson
Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryEmerson-FranklinRosa
Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryBifrost-RivertonJaroslaw
Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic CemeterySelkirkManitoba Avenue
Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMountainSclater
Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryYellowheadOakburn
Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryHarrison ParkHorod
Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church and Cemetery / Sugarloaf CemeteryGrandviewRiding Park
Holy Family CemeteryWest St. PaulMain Street
Holy Ghost CemeteryWest St. PaulMain Street
Holy Ghost CemeteryGimliGimli Ridge
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryDauphin (RM)Fishing River
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryHarrison ParkSandy Lake
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery / Sandy Lake Pioneer CemeteryHarrison Park
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryGilbert PlainsZoria
Holy Ghost Ukrainian CemeteryBeausejour
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryDauphin (RM)
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryRiding Mountain WestPetlura
Holy Redeemer Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryRoblinRoblin
Holy Rosary Roman Catholic CemeterySt. Andrews
Holy Transfiguration Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryYellowheadMenzie
Holy Trinity Anglican CemeteryHeadingley
Holy Trinity Anglican Church and CemeteryLakeshoreMakinak
Holy Trinity Lutheran CemeterySt. ClementsThalberg
Holy Trinity Roman Catholic CemeteryEthelbertGarland
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryArmstrongKomarno
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryStuartburn
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryStuartburn
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryBrokenhead
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery / Mink Creek Cemetery / Bohdan CemeteryEthelbert
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeterySt. Clements6297 Henderson Highway
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryGrandviewGrifton
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryStuartburnVita
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryRossburnVista
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeterySt. ClementsPoplar Park
Homewood Bergthaler Mennonite CemeteryDufferin
Humesville CemeteryElton
Husavik CemeteryGimli
Hwy 30 Mennonite CemeteryRhineland
Icelandic CemeteryStanley
Ile des Chènes Furred and Feathered Pet CemeteryRitchot
Ilets de Bois CemeteryDufferin
Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic CemeteryFisher
Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Church, Grotto, and CemeterySpringfieldCooks Creek
Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic CemeteryArmstrongKomarno
Immanuel Lutheran CemeteryMinto-Odanah
Inglis Holy Trinity Lutheran CemeteryRiding Mountain WestInglis
Inwood Lutheran CemeteryArmstrongInwood
Isabella CemeteryPrairie ViewIsabella
Jackfish Lake CemeteryAlexander
Jackson Cemetery / Mowbray-Windygates CemeteryPembina
Johnston CemeteryWallace-Woodworth
Katrime CemeteryWestLake-Gladstone
Kehler / Peters Burial SiteTache
Kelwood CemeteryRosedaleKelwood
Kenville Riverside Cemetery / Harlington Riverside CemeterySwan Valley West
Kerfoot Methodist Church / Kerfoot United Church and CemeteryNorth Cypress-Langford
Kildonan Presbyterian Church and CemeteryWinnipeg201 John Black Avenue
Killarney CemeteryKillarney-Turtle MountainKillarney
Kingsley United Church and CemeteryLouise
Kinsmore Cemetery / Kinsmore School No. 371Wallace-Woodworth
Kirkjubol CemeteryHecla-Grindstone Provincial ParkHecla Island
Kliewer CemeteryNiverville
Knightcot CemeteryPembina
Kola Anglican Church of the Advent / Arawana Pioneer MonumentWallace-Woodworth
Kosiw Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryDauphin (RM)
Kronsweide CemeteryMorris (RM)
Lac du Bonnet CemeteryLac du Bonnet (Town)
Lakedale Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Lake Francis CemeteryWoodlands
Lakeland CemeteryWestLake-Gladstone
Lake Manitoba CemeteryLake Manitoba First Nation
Lakeside CemeteryMontcalm
Langruth CemeteryWestLake-GladstoneLangruth
LaSalle Mennonite CemeteryMacdonald
Lauder CemeteryGrassland
Laurier Notre Dame des Victoires Roman Catholic CemeterySte. RoseLaurier
Lee River CemeteryLac du Bonnet (RM)
Lettonia CemeteryLac du Bonnet (RM)Wendigo
Libau Peace Lutheran Church and CemeterySt. ClementsLibau
Lichtenau Mennonite CemeteryDe Salaberry
Lillesve CemeteryColdwell
Lily Bay United Church and CemeteryColdwell
Lilyfield Municipal CemeteryRosser
Little Britain United Church and CemeterySt. Andrews
Louis Riel GravesiteWinnipegAvenue de la Cathedrale
Lowe Farm CemeteryMorris (RM)Lowe Farm
Lowland CemeteryFisher
Lundar CemeteryColdwellLundar
Lundar South Cemetery / Fjelsted CemeteryColdwellLundar
Lundi CemeteryWinnipeg Beach
Lutheran Community CemeteryHanover
Lydiatt St. John's Lutheran CemeteryBrokenheadLydiatt
Lyleton CemeteryTwo Borders
Macdonald Pioneer CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)Macdonald
MacGregor CemeteryNorth Norfolk
MacKenzie Presbyterian Church and CemeterySt. Clements
Madford Cemetery / Douglas CemeteryElton
Makaroff District CemeteryRoblinMakaroff
Makinak Municipal CemeteryLakeshoreMakinak
Makinak Roman Catholic CemeteryLakeshoreMakinak
Manitoba Development Centre CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
Manitou Community CemeteryPembina
Manson CemeteryEllice-ArchieManson
Maple Grove Cemetery / Salem CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
Margaret Cemetery / Margaret War MemorialPrairie LakesMargaret
Mariapolis Roman Catholic CemeteryLorneMariapolis
Marney CemeteryOakview
Marquette CemeterySt. Francois Xavier
Marringhurst CemeteryArgyle
Mars Hill CemeteryBrokenhead
Mather CemeteryCartwright-RoblinMather
McAuley CemeteryEllice-ArchieMcAuley
McCreary Municipal CemeteryMcCreary
McCreary Our Lady of Nativity Roman Catholic CemeteryMcCreary
McDonald Memorial CemeterySt. Clements
McKenzie CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
McKenzie CemeteryPembina
McLean Family Burial SiteCartwright-Roblin
McTavish Presbyterian Church / Fairmount United Church / Fairmount CemeteryHarrison Park
Meadowlea CemeteryWoodlands
Medora New Cemetery / Roselawn CemeteryBrenda-Waskada
Medora Old Cemetery / Cosgrove CemeteryBrenda-Waskada
Mekiwin CemeteryGlenella-Lansdowne
Melgund Pioneer CemeteryGrassland
Melita CemeteryTwo Borders
Menisino CemeteryPiney
Mennonite Memorial GardensSpringfield
Methven CemeteryOakland-Wawanesa
Miami CemeteryThompson (RM)
Middlebro Community CemeteryPiney
Mile 6 CemeteryOpaskwayak Cree Nation
Millbrook CemeterySpringfield
Miller CemeteryOakview
Millford Townsite and CemeteryGlenboro-South Cypress
Miniota CemeteryPrairie View
Minitonas CemeteryMinitonas-BowsmanMinitonas
Minnedosa CemeteryMinnedosaSecond Avenue SE
Minnewakin CemeteryColdwell
Minnewawa CemeteryOakland-Wawanesa
Minniska CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Minto CemeteryGrassland
Mohyla Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryRossburn
Monominto CemeterySpringfield
Moore Park United Church and CemeteryMinto-OdanahMoorepark
Moosehorn CemeteryGrahamdale
Moosehorn Lutheran CemeteryGrahamdale
Morris CemeteryMorris (Town)Main Street
Morris Pioneer CemeteryMorris (RM)
Mountain Road CemeteryRosedale
Mountview CemeteryRoblinSilverwood
Mulvihill CemeteryGrahamdaleMulvihill
Myrtle CemeteryRoland
Napinka CemeteryBrenda-Waskada
Nativity of Our Lady Roman Catholic CemeteryEthelbert
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryLakeshore
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryStuartburnCaliento
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryArmstrongRembrandt
Neelin CemeteryArgyleNeelin
Nelsonville Cemetery / Dunston CemeteryThompson (RM)
Neuanlage Village Mennonite CemeteryRhineland
Neubergthal Village Mennonite CemeteryRhinelandNeubergthal
Newdale CemeteryHarrison ParkNewdale
Newdale Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryHarrison ParkNewdale
New Haven CemeteryPembina
New St. Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryStuartburnGardenton
New St. Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryStuartburnGardenton
Ninette CemeteryPrairie LakesNinette
Ninette Sanatorium Monument / Belmont Hillside CemeteryPrairie LakesBelmont
Ninga CemeteryKillarney-Turtle MountainNinga
Niverville Heritage CemeteryNiverville
Nord CemeteryWest Interlake
Norquay Cemetery and TownsiteLorne
Norris Lake CemeteryRockwood
Norris Lake Pioneer CemeteryRockwood
North Pioneer CemeteryHarrison Park
Norwegian CemeteryStanley
Notre Dame Catholic CemeterySelkirk
Notre Dame CemeteryColdwell
Notre Dame de la Miséricordia Roman Catholic Cemetery RitchotIle des Chènes
Notre Dame de Lorette Church CemeteryTacheLorette
Notre Dame de Lourdes Roman Catholic New CemeteryLorne
Notre Dame de Lourdes Roman Catholic Old CemeteryLorne
Notre Dame Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryLakeshoreToutes Aides
Oak Bluff CemeteryMacdonald
Oak Brae Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryLakeshore
Oak Lake CemeterySifton
Oak Point Community Cemetery / Johnson CemeterySt. LaurentOak Point
Oak River CemeteryOakviewOak River
Oakview CemeteryWest Interlake
Oakville CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
Ochre River Municipal CemeteryLakeshoreOchre River
Okno Christian United CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
Oldale CemeteryOakview
Old Baie St. Paul CemeterySt. Francois Xavier
Old Deloraine CemeteryDeloraine-Winchester
Old Emerson CemeteryEmerson-FranklinEmerson
Old Holy Ghost Roman Catholic CemeteryWest St. PaulAddis Road
Old Holy Trinity Lutheran CemeterySt. ClementsThalberg
Old Roman Catholic CemeteryGreyHaywood
Old Sioux Village and CemeteryPortage la Prairie (City)
Old St. James Anglican Church and CemeteryWinnipegTylehurst Street
Old St. Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryStuartburn
Old Wakopa CemeteryBoissevain-Morton
Ossawa CemeteryWoodlands
Ostenfeld Lutheran CemeterySpringfieldOstenfeld
Osterwick Cemetery #1Hanover
Osterwick South CemeteryHanover
Ostman GraveStuartburn
Oswald CemeteryWoodlands
Otterburne West CemeteryDe Salaberry
Our Lady of Assumption Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryPineySouth Junction
Our Lady of Assumption Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryAlonsa
Our Lady of Mercy Finns CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic CemeterySt. Clements
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ukrainian Catholic CemeterySte. Anne (RM)
Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryMountainCamperville
Our Lady of the Snow Catholic CemeteryMountainSclater
Overstoneville Baptist CemeteryEmerson-Franklin
Overstoneville Independent CemeteryEmerson-Franklin
Pansy Fellowship CemeteryHanover
Park Side CemeteryArmstrong
Paroisse Saint-Denis Catholic Church and CemeteryGreyHaywood
Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryEthelbertRhodes
Patterson Family CemeteryOakland-Wawanesa
Peter Fidler GravesiteDauphin (RM)
Pettapiece Cemetery / Robertson Presbyterian Church / Pettapiece United ChurchOakview
Pierson Memorial Cemetery / Pierson War MemorialTwo BordersPierson
Pilot Mound Old CemeteryLouisePilot Mound
Pinawa CemeteryPinawa
Pine Grove CemeteryMountainCowan
Pine Ridge CemeterySpringfieldBirds Hill Provincial Park
Pine Ridge Cemetery of Jehovah WitnessesSpringfield
Pine River United Church CemeteryMountain
Pineview Memorial Gardens / Waverley Memorial GardensWinnipeg1501 Waverley Street
Piney Community CemeteryPiney
Pioneer Lutheran Cemetery / Trapp Family CemeteryBrokenheadDencross
Pipestone CemeteryPipestonePipestone
Plumas CemeteryWestLake-GladstonePlumas
Plumas Roman Catholic CemeteryWestLake-GladstonePlumas
Plum Coulee CemeteryRhinelandPlum Coulee
Polish National CemeterySt. Clements
Poplarfield Community CemeteryFisher
Poplar Grove Zion Cemetery / Zion District Pioneers MonumentOakview
Portage Hillside CemeteryPortage la Prairie (City)
Prairie Grove CemeteryTache
Prairie Rose CemeteryTacheLandmark
Precious Blood Roman Catholic CemeteryArmstrongFraserwood
Progress All Saints Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryBifrost-RivertonShorncliffe
Prospect Plains Methodist CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
Prospect Presbyterian CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
Queen of Heaven Mausoleum CemeteryWinnipegPortage Avenue
Queens Valley CemeterySpringfield
Rapid City CemeteryOakviewRapid City
Red Deer CemeteryLac du Bonnet (RM)
Redeemer Lutheran CemeteryWhitemouthWhitemouth
Reinland CemeteryStanleyReinland
Rembrandt Pioneer CemeteryArmstrong
Reston CemeteryPipestoneReston
Rice Lake CemeteryNorthern ManitobaBissett
Rice Lake CemeteryMossey River
Ridgeville Cemetery / South Ridge CemeteryEmerson-Franklin
Riding Mountain CemeteryRosedaleRiding Mountain
Riverland Ebenezer Lutheran CemeteryLac du Bonnet (RM)
Rivers Community CemeteryRiverdaleRivers
Riverside CemeteryGrasslandHartney
Riverside CemeteryPembinaLa Riviere
Riverside CemeteryNeepawa
Riverside Cemetery / Graysville CemeteryDufferin
Rivers Mennonite CemeteryOakview
Riverton Community CemeteryBifrost-RivertonRiverton
Roblin and District Community CemeteryRoblinRoblin
Rochedale CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Rockwood CemeteryRockwood
Roland Fairview CemeteryRoland
Roseau River Community CemeteryEmerson-Franklin
Rosebank CemeteryThompson (RM)
Rosedale CemeteryRosedale
Rose Farm CemeteryMorris (RM)
Rose Hill CemeteryNorth Norfolk
Roseisle CemeteryDufferin
Roseland United Church Monument and CemeteryWhitehead
Rosenbach CemeteryStanley
Rosenburg CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
Rosenfeld CemeteryRhinelandRosenfeld
Rosenhoff Evangelical Mennonite CemeteryMorris (RM)
Rosenhoff Pioneer CemeteryMorris (RM)
Rosenort Evangelical Mennonite CemeteryMorris (RM)
Rosenort Mennonite CemeteryMorris (RM)Rosenort
Roseville Cemetery and MonumentRiverdale
Rosewood Cemetery / Caledonia CemeteryTache
Rosewood Memorial Gardens / Westlawn GardensWhitehead
Rosh Pina Memorial ParkWinnipeg1999 Main Street
Rossburn Community CemeteryRossburn
Rossendale CemeteryNorfolk Treherne
Rosser CemeteryRosser
Ross Lake CemeteryFlin Flon
Ross Roman Catholic CemeteryTache
Ross Roman Catholic CemeteryTache
Rounthwaite CemeteryOakland-Wawanesa
Rudnerweide CemeteryRhineland
Russell Memorial GardenRussell-Binscarth
Russian Orthodox CemeteryDauphin (RM)Sifton
Sacred Heart of Jesus Church / St. Basil's CemeteryArmstrong
Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic CemeterySpringfield71095 Dundee-Garson Road
Sacred Heart of Jesus Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryRossburn
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic CemeterySt. AndrewsRossdale
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic CemeteryGreyFannystelle
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic CemeteryYellowheadElphinstone
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic CemeteryNorfolk Treherne
Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryEmerson-FranklinTolstoi
Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryGilbert Plains
Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryRoblin
Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryClanwilliam-Erickson
Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic CemeterySwan Valley WestDurban
Sadlow Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryReynoldsSpruce Siding
Salem Lutheran CemeteryPineyWampum
San Clara Parish CemeteryRoblinSan Clara
Sandhill Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryBrokenhead
Sandhurst Cemetery / McFarlane CemeterySifton
Sandilands CemeteryPineySandilands
Sandridge CemeteryArmstrong
Sanford CemeteryMacdonaldSanford
Schoenwiese CemeteryRhinelandSchoenwise
Sclater Pioneer Cemetery / St. Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryMountainSclater
Scotia CemeteryHamiota
Second Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryDauphin (RM)Sifton
Selkirk Lutheran CemeterySelkirk6137 Highway 9A
Setter's CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
Seventh Day Adventist Church and CemeteryWhitemouthRiver Hills
Sewell CemeteryMorris (RM)Sewell
Shaarey Zedek CemeteryWinnipeg230 Armstrong Avenue
Shellmouth Anglican CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Shellmouth Municipal CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Shevlin Lutheran CemeteryRoblin
Shiloh United Church and CemeteryWallace-Woodworth
Shoal Lake CemeteryYellowheadShoal Lake
Sidebottom Family CemeteryBrokenhead
Sidney CemeteryNorth Norfolk
Sinclair CemeteryPipestoneSinclair
Skalholt CemeteryGlenboro-South Cypress
Skylake Cemetery / Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryArmstrongSkylake
Small Creek Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMossey River
Smith Family CemeteryOakland-Wawanesa
Smoland CemeteryMinto-Odanah
Snowflake Community CemeteryPembina
Snowflake Lutheran CemeteryPembina
Somerset Catholic CemeteryLorne
Sommerfeld Mennonite CemeteryNorth Norfolk
Souris Glenwood CemeterySouris-Glenwood
South Bay CemeteryMossey River
South Junction School No. 1615PineySouth Junction
Southside CemeteryMordenMountain Street South
South St. Paul's Lutheran CemeteryWhitemouthOldenburg
Sparling CemeteryElton
Sperling Community CemeteryMorris (RM)
Sprague Community CemeteryPiney
Sprague Full Gospel Mission CemeteryPiney
Springfield Hutterite CemeterySpringfieldSpringfield Colony
Springstein CemeteryCartierSpringstein
St. Adolphe Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryRitchotSt. Adolphe
St. Alban's Anglican Church / Blenheim CemeteryPrairie View
St. Alphonse Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryLorneSt. Alphonse
St. Ambroise CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
Standing Stone Burial SitePrairie ViewArrow River
St. Andrew's Anglican Church / Westhope School No. 580 / Westhope CemeteryMinto-Odanah
St. Andrews Municipal CemeterySt. Andrews
St. Andrew's-on-the-Red Anglican Church and CemeterySt. Andrews3 St. Andrews Road
St. Anne's Anglican Church and CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)Poplar Point
St. Anne's Roman Catholic CemeterySt. AndrewsPetersfield
St. Anthony Petchersky Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryLac du Bonnet (RM)
St. Anthony Roman Catholic CemeteryWhitemouthElma
St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryHarrison Park
St. Anthony's Roman Catholic CemeteryRoblinShortdale
St. Anthony's Roman Catholic CemeteryRoblinShortdale
St. Anthony's Roman Catholic CemeteryRiding Mountain WestAngusville
St. Antoine Roman Catholic CemeteryMorris (RM)Aubigny
Starbuck CemeteryMacdonaldStarbuck
Stasiuk Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryDauphin (RM)
St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryWhitemouthWhitemouth
St. Barnabas Anglican CemeteryLorne
St. Benedict's CemeteryGimli
St. Benedict's Priory Monastery CemeteryWest St. Paul
St. Boniface Cathedral CemeteryWinnipegTache Avenue
St. Boniface CemeteryWinnipeg917 Archibald Street
St. Catherine Roman Catholic CemeteryYellowheadOakburn
St. Cecilia Roman Catholic CemeteryArmstrongInwood
St. Charles Franciscan Fathers CemeteryWinnipegSt. Charles Street
St. Charles Roman Catholic CemeteryWinnipeg320 St. Charles Street
St. Charles Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryWinnipeg320 St. Charles Street
St. Claude Roman Catholic New CemeteryGreySt. Claude
St. Claude War Memorial and Old CemeteryGreySt. Claude
St. Clement's Anglican Church and CemeterySt. Andrews
St. Cuthbert's CemeteryWest Interlake
St. Cyprian Anglican CemeteryRockwood
St. Daniel CemeteryDufferin
St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryStuartburnVita
St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryArmstrong
St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryGilbert PlainsDrifting River
St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church / Bjarmi CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryStuartburn
St. Dymytrius Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryBrokenheadLadywood
Ste. Agathe Roman Catholic CemeteryRitchotSte. Agathe
Ste. Amelie Roman Catholic ChurchSte. RoseSte. Amelie
Ste. Anne Roman Catholic Church and CemeterySte. Anne (Town)162 Centrale Avenue
Ste. Elizabeth Roman Catholic CemeteryMontcalm
Ste. Genevieve Roman Catholic Church and Cemetery / Monseigneur Tache Historic Site / Old Rectory MuseumTache87 rue Saltel, Ste-Genevieve
Steinbach Heritage CemeterySteinbach
Steinbach Memorial CemeterySteinbach
Steinbach Pioneer CemeterySteinbach
St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryGrandviewGrandview
St. Elias Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryRossburn
St. Elijah Romanian Orthodox Church / Pioneer Museum and Paulencu HouseRiding Mountain WestLennard
St. Elizabeth of Hungary Cemetery / Polonia CemeteryRosedalePolonia
St. Emric's Roman Catholic CemeteryWestLake-Gladstone
Ste. Rita CemeteryReynoldsSte. Rita
Ste. Rose du Lac Roman Catholic CemeterySte. RoseSte. Rose du Lac
St. Eustache Roman Catholic Church, Carillon Bells and CemeteryCartierSt. Eustache
St. Felix de Valois Roman Catholic CemeteryPrairie Lakes
St. Francis Anglican Cemetery / Dunkinville CemeteryMinitonas-Bowsman
St. Francois Xavier Roman Catholic Church and CemeterySt. Francois Xavier
St. George's Anglican CemeteryYellowhead
St. George's Anglican Church and CemeteryElton
St. George's CemeteryRockwood
St. Georges CemeteryYellowhead
St. George's Romanian Orthodox Church and CemeteryRiding Mountain West
St. George's Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryRiding Mountain West
St. George's Wakefield Anglican Church and CemeterySt. Andrews
St. George Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryAlonsa
St. Gerard Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryLorneBruxelles
St. Helen's CemeteryGlenella-Lansdowne
St. Helen's Roman Catholic CemeteryYellowheadShoal Lake
St. Isadore Roman Catholic CemeteryStuartburnVita
St. James Anglican Church and CemeteryPrairie View
St. James Anglican Church and CemeterySt. ClementsPoplar Park
St. Jean Baptiste Roman Catholic CemeteryMontcalmSt. Jean Baptiste
St. Jean's Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryGrasslandGrande Clairiere
St. Joachim Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryLa BroquerieLa Broquerie
St. John's Anglican Cathedral and CemeteryWinnipeg135 Anderson Avenue
St. John's Anglican CemeteryMinto-Odanah
St. John's Community CemeteryDauphin (RM)
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church and CemeterySt. Clements
St. John's Roman Catholic CemeteryLakeshoreRorketon
St. John Suchavsky Ukrainian Orthodox CemeterySt. AndrewsRossdale
St. John's Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryRoblinRoblin
St. Johns Upland CemeteryOakview
St. John the Baptist Anglican Church and CemeteryTataskweyak Cree NationSplit Lake
St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic CemeteryBrokenheadTyndall
St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryReynoldsHadashville
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryArmstrong
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryLac du Bonnet (RM)Lowland
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryHarrison ParkRackham
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryStuartburnCaliento
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryEthelbertGarland
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryLakeshoreHoryn
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryMossey RiverFork River
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryStuartburnCaliento
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryHarrison ParkDolyny
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church, Parish Hall, and CemeterySt. ClementsPoplar Park
St. John the Baptist Zora CemeterySpringfield
St. John Ukrainian Greek Orthodox CemeteryBrokenhead
St. John Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church and CemeteryAlexanderStead
St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryYellowheadShoal Lake
St. Joseph Catholic CemeteryMontcalmSt. Joseph
St. Joseph Polish National Catholic CemeterySt. ClementsLibau
St. Joseph Roman Catholic CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryBifrost-RivertonShorncliffe
St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryMinitonas-BowsmanRenwer
St. Joseph's Polish National Catholic CemeteryBeausejour
St. Judes Anglican Church and CemeterySt. Clements
St. Jude's Roman Catholic CemeteryClanwilliam-Erickson
St. Labre Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryPineySt. Labre
St. Laurent CemeterySt. Laurent
St. Lawrentius Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryMinitonas-Bowsman
St. Lazare Town CemeteryEllice-ArchieSt. Lazare
St. Ludwiga CemeteryWhitemouth
St. Luke's Pembina Crossing Anglican Church and CemeteryPembina
St. Lupicin Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryLorneSt. Lupicin
St. Malo Roman Catholic CemeteryDe Salaberry
St. Margaret's Anglican Church CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
St. Margaret's Roman Catholic CemeterySt. Andrews
St. Marguerite Roman Catholic CemeteryAlexanderTraverse Bay
St. Mark Coptic Orthodox CemeterySpringfield
St. Mark's Anglican Church, Cenotaph, and CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
St. Mark's Methodist CemeteryPortage la Prairie (RM)
St. Mary Protectice Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryArmstrongMalonton
St. Mary Roman Catholic Parish CemeteryBeausejour
St. Mary's CemeteryWinnipeg506 Osborne Street
St. Mary's la Prairie Anglican CemeteryPortage la Prairie (City)
St. Mary's Polish Catholic CemeteryLac du Bonnet (RM)
St. Mary's Polish National Catholic CemeteryWinnipeg360 McIvor Avenue
St. Mary's Roman Catholic CemeteryLac du Bonnet (RM)Brightstone
St. Mary St. Alban Anglican Church and Cemetery / Winram Memorial ChurchPembina
St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMossey RiverCork Cliff
St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryClanwilliam-EricksonKerr's Lake
St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryYellowheadElphinstone
St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery / St. Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox Cemetery / St. Stanislas Roman Catholic CemeterySt. ClementsEast Selkirk
St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryHarrison ParkSeech
St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox CemeterySpringfieldSapton
St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryMinitonas-BowsmanRenwer
St. Matthews Ancrum CemeteryRiverdale
St. Matthew's Anglican Church and CemeterySt. Andrews
St. Matthews Anglican Church / Boyne Creek CemeteryVictoria
St. Michaels and All Angels Cemetery / Big Eddy CemeteryOpaskwayak Cree Nation
St. Michael's and All Angels Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryBrokenheadTyndall
St. Michael's Anglican Church and CemeteryRosserGrosse Isle
St. Michael's CemeteryRockwood
St. Michael's New Roman Catholic CemeterySpringfieldCooks Creek
St. Michael's Old Roman Catholic CemeterySpringfieldCooks Creek
St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryHanoverSarto
St. Michaels Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryEthelbert
St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery / North Lake Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMossey River
St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryRoblinRoblin Farms
St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryGrahamdaleSt. Martin
St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryRossburnOlha
St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryGilbert PlainsVenlaw
St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryGimliWillow Creek
St. Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryEthelbert
St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church and CemeterySt. ClementsNarol
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryFisherFisher Branch
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryFisherPoplarfield
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic CemeterySpringfieldSapton
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryDauphin (RM)
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery #1StuartburnArbakka
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery #2StuartburnArbakka
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery #3StuartburnArbakka
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryFisherPoplarfield
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryHarrison ParkOzerna
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryDauphin (RM)Keld
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryStuartburnArbakka
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryStuartburnRofton
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryHarrison Park
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeterySt. ClementsGonor
St. Norbert Roman Catholic CemeteryWinnipegAvenue Sainte Therese
Stonewall CemeteryStonewall
Stony Hill Cemetery / St. Ludwigia Polish National Catholic CemeteryWhitemouth
St. Ouens Pentecostal CemeteryBrokenhead
St. Paul Lutheran Church and CemeteryHanover
St. Paul's Anglican Church and CemeteryWest St. PaulMiddlechurch
St. Paul's Anglican Church and CemeterySt. Francois Xavier
St. Paul's Lutheran CemeteryMcCreary
St. Paul's Lutheran CemeteryMacdonaldBrunkild
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery BrokenheadBrokenhead
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery Green BayBrokenhead
St. Paul's Lutheran Church and CemeteryWhitemouthRiver Hills
St. Paul's Roman Catholic CemeteryDeloraine-Winchester
St. Paul's Roman Catholic CemeteryMacdonaldStarbuck
St. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox CemeteryArmstrong
St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic CemeteryBrokenhead
St. Peter and Pauls Cemetery / Berlo MonumentGimli
St. Peter Dynevor Anglican Church and CemeterySt. Clements
St. Philip Anglican Church and CemeteryNorthern ManitobaManigotagan
St. Pie Roman Catholic CemeteryMontcalmLetellier
St-Pierre-Jolys CemeterySt-Pierre-Jolys
Strathclair CemeteryYellowheadStrathclair
Strilchuk Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryDauphin (RM)Sifton
St. Saviours CemeteryMinto-Odanah
Sts. Cyril and Methodius CemeteryGimli
Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery / Negrych CemeteryGilbert PlainsKolomyja
Sts. Peter and Paul Kolomaya CemeteryEthelbertKolomaya
Sts. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryHarrison ParkWisla
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic CemeterySt. Andrews
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryRossburn
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryHanover
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryDufferin
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryEthelbert
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryLakeshoreRorketon
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryStuartburnArbakka
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery (Sunville)Alonsa
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeterySt. ClementsThalberg
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryArmstrong
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryRossburn
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryGimli
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church Valley River FarmDauphin (RM)Valley River
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Greek Orthodox CemeteryEthelbert
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryHanover
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryBrokenheadTyndall
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryEmerson-FranklinRosa
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryStuartburnSundown
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox ChurchHarrison Park
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryRoblinMerridale
Sts. Peters and Paul Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryArmstrongFraserwood
St. Stephen's Anglican CemeteryLorne
St. Stephen's Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryRockwood
Sts. Volodymyr and Olha Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryRiding Mountain WestAngusville
St. Theresa’s Roman Catholic CemeteryRossburn
St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic CemeteryAlonsaEddystone
St. Thomas Lutheran CemeteryGrahamdale
St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic CemeteryBrokenheadAllegra
Sturgeon Creek Hutterite CemeteryRosserSturgeon Creek Colony
St. Viateur Roman Catholic CemeteryDe SalaberryOtterburne
St. Vital CemeteryWinnipeg236 River Road
St. Vital Roman Catholic CemeteryWinnipegSt. Michael Road
St. Vladimir and Olga Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryDauphin (RM)Valley River
St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryBeausejour
St. Volodymr Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryYellowheadOakburn
St. William's CemeterySt. Andrews
Sunnyside CemeterySpringfield
Swan Lake Aboriginal CemeterySwan Lake First Nation
Swan Lake Presbyterian CemeteryLorneSwan Lake
Swan Lake Roman Catholic CemeteryLorneSwan Lake
Sylvan CemeteryFisher
Tamarisk Methodist Church / Tamarisk United Church and CemeteryGrandview
Tarbolton United Church and CemeteryRiverdale
The Narrows CemeteryAlonsa
The Pas Lakeside CemeteryThe Pas
The Pas Roman Catholic CemeteryThe Pas
Thomas Greenway CemeteryLouiseCrystal City
Thompson CemeteryThompson (City)Golf Course Road
Thompson Family Rest SiteYellowheadShoal Lake
Tilston CemeteryTwo BordersTilston
Tilston St. Anthony Roman Catholic CemeteryTwo BordersTilston
Tolstoi Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryEmerson-FranklinTolstoi
Tolstoi Holy Trinity Roman Catholic CemeteryEmerson-Franklin
Transcona CemeteryWinnipegDugald Road
Transfiguration of Jesus Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMountain
Treherne Woodlands CemeteryNorfolk Treherne
Tupper CemeteryWestLake-Gladstone
Turtle River CemeteryLakeshore
Two Creeks CemeteryWallace-Woodworth
Tyndall Community CemeteryBrokenheadTyndall
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the AscensionHarrison ParkBattle Lake
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the AscensionReynoldsHadashville
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the AscensionRossburnRuthenia
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin MaryLakeshoreToutes Aides
Ukrainian Catholic Society CemeteryGimliCamp Morton
Ukrainian CemeterySt. Clements
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox CemeteryEmerson-FranklinSenkiw
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox CemeteryDe Salaberry
Ukrainian National CemeterySpringfield
Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryEthelbert
Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryBrokenheadSandhill
Ukrainian Pioneer Mass GravesiteRossburn
Ukrainian Ruthenian CemeteryGimli
Umpherville Road CemeteryOpaskwayak Cree Nation
Unidentified cemeteryEthelbert
Union Point United Church and CemeteryMorris (RM)
Union Prairie CemeteryArmstrong
Valley Memorial CemeteryPembinaLa Riviere
Vannes God's Acre Cemetery / Abbeville Roman Catholic CemeteryColdwell
Vassar North Lutheran Cemetery / Moodie CemeteryPiney
Vassar Roman Catholic CemeteryPineyVassar
Victoria Beach Pioneer CemeteryVictoria Beach
Victoria Presbyterian Church and CemeteryRockwood
Vidir CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
Vimy Ridge Roman Catholic CemeteryMountain
Vimy Ridge Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryMountain
Virden CemeteryVirden
Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryEthelbert
Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryArmstrongZbruch
Vita North Cemetery / Vita Community CemeteryStuartburn
Vogar Cemetery No. 1West InterlakeVogar
Vogar Cemetery No. 2West InterlakeVogar
Wainwright Burial SiteReynolds
Warren Municipal CemeteryWoodlands
Washow Bay CemeteryBifrost-Riverton
Waskada CemeteryBrenda-Waskada
Wawanesa CemeteryOakland-WawanesaWawanesa
Weiden CemeteryMossey River
Weidenfeld CemeteryDe Salaberry
Weidenfeld CemeteryRhineland
Wellwood CemeteryNorth Cypress-Langford
Westbourne CemeteryWestLake-Gladstone
Wheatfield Church and Burial SiteYellowhead
Whitebank Lea School No. 593 / White Bank Lea CemeteryOakview
Whitemouth Municipal CemeteryWhitemouthWhitemouth
Whitemouth Old Municipal Cemetery / Beaver Creek CemeteryWhitemouthWhitemouth
Whiteshell Baptist CemeteryWhitemouth
Whiteshell Hutterite CemeteryWhitemouthWhiteshell Colony
Whitewater Mennonite CemeteryBoissevain-MortonWhitewater
Willen Cemetery / McKenzie Cemetery / Rose Lea CemeteryEllice-Archie
Willowgrove CemeteryAlonsaEddystone
Willowview CemeteryArmstrong
Windsor CemeteryRockwood
Winkler CemeteryWinkler
Winnipeg Beach CemeteryWinnipeg Beach
Winnipegosis CemeteryMossey RiverWinnipegosis
Wood Bay CemeteryLouise
Woodlands Anglican CemeteryWoodlands
Woodmore Cemetery / Holy Spirit Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryEmerson-FranklinPlankey Plains
Woodnorth CemeteryPipestone
Woodridge Lutheran CemeteryPineyWoodridge
Woodville CemeteryWallace-Woodworth
York Factory CemeteryNorthern ManitobaHayes River
Zhoda Community Cemetery / Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryStuartburnZhoda
Zion CemeteryElton
Zion Lutheran CemeteryBeausejourFirst Street South
Zoria Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryGilbert PlainsZoria