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Canadian Consolidated Grain Elevator / United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorWhitemouthWhitemouth
Canadian Consolidated Grain Elevator / United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorWhitemouthElma
Canadian Pacific Railway Station and Water TowerWhitemouthWhitemouth
Charlotte Ross MonumentWhitemouthWhitemouth
Darwin Station School No. 1950Whitemouth
Dollard School No. 1686WhitemouthLewis
Elma HotelWhitemouthElma
Elma Pool Hall and ResidenceWhitemouthElma
Exaltation of the Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryWhitemouthElma
Fort HowardWhitemouthWhitemouth
Grosse School No. 2397WhitemouthWhiteshell Colony
Juno School No. 1679Whitemouth
Kelner School / Elma School No. 1286WhitemouthElma
Lewis Roman Catholic CemeteryWhitemouth
Lonely Dale School No. 2251Whitemouth
Manitoba Eastern Railway BridgeWhitemouth
Oldenburg School No. 968Whitemouth
Oldenburg Suspension BridgeWhitemouth
Redeemer Lutheran CemeteryWhitemouthWhitemouth
Ross Flour MillWhitemouthWhitemouth
Ross United ChurchWhitemouth39 First Street, Whitemouth
Scott's Hill School No. 2261Whitemouth
Seven Sisters Falls School No. 2218WhitemouthSeven Sisters Falls
Seven Sisters Generating StationWhitemouthWinnipeg River
Seven Sisters MonumentWhitemouthSeven Sisters Falls
Seventh Day Adventist Church and CemeteryWhitemouthRiver Hills
South St. Paul's Lutheran CemeteryWhitemouthOldenburg
St. Anthony Roman Catholic CemeteryWhitemouthElma
St. Anthony Roman Catholic CemeteryWhitemouthElma
St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryWhitemouthWhitemouth
Steel Pony Truss BridgeWhitemouthWhitemouth River
Steel Through Truss BridgeWhitemouthWhitemouth River
Stony Hill Cemetery / St. Ludwigia Polish National Catholic CemeteryWhitemouth
Stony Hill School No. 1410Whitemouth
St. Paul's Lutheran Church and CemeteryWhitemouthRiver Hills
Tourist HotelWhitemouthSeven Sisters Falls
Trans-Canada GarageWhitemouthWhitemouth
Wardrop BrickyardWhitemouthWhitemouth
Wardrop HouseWhitemouthWhitemouth
Whitemouth Baptist ChurchWhitemouth
Whitemouth BridgeWhitemouth
Whitemouth Christ Church AnglicanWhitemouthWhitemouth
Whitemouth HotelWhitemouthWhitemouth
Whitemouth Municipal CemeteryWhitemouthWhitemouth
Whitemouth Municipal MuseumWhitemouthWhitemouth
Whitemouth Old Municipal Cemetery / Beaver Creek CemeteryWhitemouthWhitemouth
Whitemouth River BridgeWhitemouthWhitemouth River
Whitemouth School No. 139WhitemouthWhitemouth
Whitemouth War MemorialWhitemouthWhitemouth
Whiteshell Baptist CemeteryWhitemouth
Whiteshell Hutterite CemeteryWhitemouthWhiteshell Colony
Winnipeg Falls North School No. 1346WhitemouthSeven Sisters Falls
Winnipeg Falls South School No. 1346WhitemouthRiver Hills