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Anderson HouseMorris (RM)Lowe Farm
Armour School No. 159Morris (RM)
Aubigny FerryMorris (RM)
Aubigny Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryMorris (RM)Aubigny
Bartel BarnMorris (RM)
Bourret School No. 1077Morris (RM)
Bowles HouseMorris (RM)
Broadview School No. 957Morris (RM)
Canadian Consolidated Grain Elevator / United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorMorris (RM)Kane
Cannon School No. 2297Morris (RM)
Cannon SD Community CemeteryMorris (RM)
Carleton School No. 36Morris (RM)
Chartier HouseMorris (RM)
Church of God in Christ (Holleman) Mennonite CemeteryMorris (RM)
Clover Plain School No. 2292Morris (RM)
Clubb HouseMorris (RM)
DeWet School No. 2182Morris (RM)Sewell
Flowery Bank School No. 837Morris (RM)
Greenbank School No. 2124Morris (RM)
Heabert School No. 1282Morris (RM)
Holdeman Mennonite CemeteryMorris (RM)
Hooper HouseMorris (RM)
Kane Consolidated School No. 2006Morris (RM)Kane
Kane General StoreMorris (RM)Kane
Kronsweide CemeteryMorris (RM)
Kronsweide School No. 1030Morris (RM)
Leabank CemeteryMorris (RM)
Lea Bank School No. 958Morris (RM)
Lone Star FarmMorris (RM)
Lone Star School No. 1629Morris (RM)
Lowe Farm CemeteryMorris (RM)Lowe Farm
Lowe Farm MonumentMorris (RM)Lowe Farm
Lowe Farm School No. 1033Morris (RM)Lowe Farm
Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorMorris (RM)Silver Plains
Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorMorris (RM)McTavish
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Delmar Commodities Grain ElevatorMorris (RM)Sperling
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorMorris (RM)Lowe Farm
Molloy School No. 1849Morris (RM)
Morris Pioneer CemeteryMorris (RM)
Neighborhood School No. 2274Morris (RM)
Neufeld School No. 1580Morris (RM)
Paterson Grain ElevatorMorris (RM)Kane
Pleasant Valley School No. 862Morris (RM)
Provencher School No. 997Morris (RM)Aubigny
Queen Centre School No. 1219Morris (RM)
Reliance Grain Elevator / Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorMorris (RM)Smith Spur
Rose Farm CemeteryMorris (RM)
Rose Farm School No. 1577Morris (RM)
Rosenhoff Evangelical Mennonite CemeteryMorris (RM)
Rosenhoff North School No. 61Morris (RM)Riverside
Rosenhoff Pioneer CemeteryMorris (RM)
Rosenhoff South School No. 61Morris (RM)
Rosenort Evangelical Mennonite CemeteryMorris (RM)
Rosenort Mennonite CemeteryMorris (RM)Rosenort
Rosenort School No. 60Morris (RM)Rosenort
Sewell CemeteryMorris (RM)Sewell
Sewell General StoreMorris (RM)Sewell
Silver Plains School No. 123Morris (RM)
Sperling Community CemeteryMorris (RM)
Sperling Consolidated School No. 1488Morris (RM)Sperling
Sperling United ChurchMorris (RM)Sperling
Sperling War MemorialMorris (RM)Sperling
St. Antoine Roman Catholic CemeteryMorris (RM)Aubigny
Steinfeld School No. 1128Morris (RM)
Stevenson BarnMorris (RM)
St. Peter's School No. 1031Morris (RM)
Telecommunications Repeater StationMorris (RM)
Thiessen HouseMorris (RM)
Tobacco Creek SpillwayMorris (RM)
Tremont School No. 1127Morris (RM)
Trump Oil RefineryMorris (RM)Trump
Union Point School No. 53Morris (RM)
Union Point United Church and CemeteryMorris (RM)
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorMorris (RM)Sperling
Waddell School No. 925Morris (RM)
Willow Heights School No. 1029 / McTavish School No. 1029Morris (RM)