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Bayview School No. 454Deloraine-Winchester
Bidford School No. 456Deloraine-Winchester
Broadway School / Deloraine School No. 490Deloraine-WinchesterDeloraine
Brock School No. 809Deloraine-Winchester
Canadian Pacific Railway StationDeloraine-Winchester
Chain Lakes Quaker Meeting House / Dand United ChurchDeloraine-WinchesterDand
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 1251Deloraine-Winchester
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 1255Deloraine-Winchester
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 1256Deloraine-Winchester
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 1257Deloraine-Winchester
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 1258Deloraine-Winchester
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 1421Deloraine-Winchester
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 290Deloraine-Winchester
Dand School No. 1913Deloraine-WinchesterDand
Deloraine 50th Anniversary CairnDeloraine-WinchesterDeloraine
Deloraine Methodist Church / Deloraine United ChurchDeloraine-Winchester109 Cavers Street South, Deloraine
Deloraine Presbyterian Church / Deloraine Community Hall / Falconer CollegiateDeloraine-Winchester220 South Railway Avenue, Deloraine
Deloraine School / Hazeldean School No. 195Deloraine-Winchester
Deloraine War MemorialDeloraine-WinchesterDeloraine
Deloraine War MemorialDeloraine-WinchesterDeloraine
Del-Win CemeteryDeloraine-WinchesterDeloraine
Dominion Bank Building / Toronto-Dominion Bank BuildingDeloraine-WinchesterBroadway Street South, Deloraine
Dominion Post Office Building / Fallout Reporting Post EE32Deloraine-Winchester111 Broadway Street South, Deloraine
Federal Grain Elevator / Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator CDeloraine-WinchesterDeloraine
Fish Lake Cemetery / Metigoshe Metis CemeteryDeloraine-Winchester
Flossie School No. 1265Deloraine-Winchester
Grove School No. 455Deloraine-Winchester
Hathaway School / Coxworth School No. 1785Deloraine-WinchesterHathaway
Kirkwood School No. 654Deloraine-Winchester
Lake Metigoshe Centennial MonumentDeloraine-WinchesterLake Metigoshe
Lake of the Woods Grain ElevatorDeloraine-WinchesterRegent
Luther School No. 1018Deloraine-Winchester
Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorDeloraine-WinchesterDand
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator A / Private Grain ElevatorDeloraine-WinchesterRegent
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator D / Private Grain ElevatorDeloraine-WinchesterDeloraine
Marsden School #1 No. 1247Deloraine-Winchester
Marsden School #2 No. 1247Deloraine-Winchester
Moberly Town SiteDeloraine-WinchesterMoberly
Mons School No. 1987Deloraine-Winchester
Mountainside School No. 248Deloraine-Winchester
Mountainside Town SiteDeloraine-WinchesterMountainside
Naples Town SiteDeloraine-WinchesterNaples
Newcomb's Hollow - Old Deloraine Land Titles OfficeDeloraine-Winchester
Ogilvie Grain Elevator / Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator BDeloraine-WinchesterDeloraine
Old Deloraine Bank VaultDeloraine-Winchester
Old Deloraine CemeteryDeloraine-Winchester
Old Deloraine Pioneers MonumentDeloraine-Winchester
Paterson Grain Elevator / Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorDeloraine-WinchesterHathaway
Paterson Grain Elevator / Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator ADeloraine-WinchesterDeloraine
Province Grain Elevator / United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorDeloraine-WinchesterLiege
Regent School No. 1793Deloraine-WinchesterRegent
Regent United ChurchDeloraine-WinchesterRegent
St. Antoninus Roman Catholic ChurchDeloraine-Winchester409 Finlay Avenue, Deloraine
St. Paul's Roman Catholic CemeteryDeloraine-Winchester
Thirlstane School No. 483Deloraine-Winchester
Union Bank Building / Deloraine Times BuildingDeloraine-WinchesterDeloraine
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorDeloraine-WinchesterDeloraine
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorDeloraine-WinchesterCoatstone
Western Canada Grain Elevator / Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator BDeloraine-WinchesterRegent
Young Grain Elevator / Paterson Grain ElevatorDeloraine-WinchesterMountainside