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Amisk the Beaver MonumentDauphin (City)Main Street South
Bottomley HouseDauphin (City)22 Third Avenue NW
Bowman HouseDauphin (City)308 River Avenue West
Canadian Bank of Commerce BuildingDauphin (City)122 Main Street
Canadian National Railway Station / Dauphin Railway MuseumDauphin (City)101 First Street NW
Canadian National Railway Turntable and Engine HouseDauphin (City)Jackson Street
Canadian Northern Hotel / Hamilton Hotel / Towers HotelDauphin (City)203 Main Street South
Clark BlockDauphin (City)126 Main Street North
Dauphin Agricultural Pioneers MonumentDauphin (City)Whitmore Avenue West
Dauphin Firefighting MonumentDauphin (City)121 Second Street NW
Dauphin Land Titles OfficeDauphin (City)308 Main Street South
Dauphin Law Courts Building and Correctional CentreDauphin (City)114 River Avenue West
Dauphin Pioneers MonumentDauphin (City)River Avenue East
Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary SchoolDauphin (City)330 Mountain Road
Dauphin Riverside CemeteryDauphin (City)Riverside Road
Dauphin Telephone Exchange BuildingDauphin (City)305 Main Street North
Dauphin Town Hall / Vernon Watson Arts CentreDauphin (City)104 First Street NW
Dauphin War MemorialDauphin (City)Memorial Boulevard
Daupin Legion Hall / Dauphin ArmouryDauphin (City)309 Main Street N
Dominion Post Office and Town HallDauphin (City)21 Second Avenue NW
Edgar BlockDauphin (City)215 Main Street North
Edgar HouseDauphin (City)703 Main Street N
Fort Dauphin MuseumDauphin (City)140 Jackson Street
Henderson SchoolDauphin (City)911 Bond Street
Hong Kong Cafe BuildingDauphin (City)123 Main Street South
Houston HouseDauphin (City)38 Fifth Avenue NW
Hunt HouseDauphin (City)112 Fourth Avenue SW
J. Oleskow PlaqueDauphin (City)100 Main Street South
Katz HouseDauphin (City)38 Fifth Avenue NE
Lake of the Woods Grain Elevator / Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator D / United Grain Growers Grain Elevator 2Dauphin (City)First Avenue SW
Lilly HouseDauphin (City)401 Third Street SW
Lt. Colonel Barker VC SchoolDauphin (City)1516 Bond Street
MacNeill HouseDauphin (City)33 Seventh Avenue NW
MacNeill SchoolDauphin (City)312 Sandy Street
Malcolm BlockDauphin (City)209-213 Main Street North
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator A / Pioneer Grain ElevatorDauphin (City)
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator BDauphin (City)First Avenue SW
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator CDauphin (City)Jackson Street
National Grain Elevator / Cargill Grain ElevatorDauphin (City)First Avenue SW
Pedestrian SubwayDauphin (City)Main Street
Ramsay-Wright Building / Eatons Department StoreDauphin (City)Main Street North
Safeway StoreDauphin (City)207 Main Street North
School No. 1 / Mackenzie School / Dauphin Composite High School / Dauphin CollegiateDauphin (City)212 First Street NE
School No. 2 / Whitmore School / Dauphin Normal SchoolDauphin (City)First Street SW
Searle Grain Elevator / Federal Grain ElevatorDauphin (City)First Avenue SE
Smith-Jackson SchoolDauphin (City)701 First Street SE
Stelck HouseDauphin (City)515 Main Street N
St. George's Ukrainian Orthodox ChurchDauphin (City)804 Main Street South
St. Paul's Anglican ChurchDauphin (City)404 First Street SW
Tritschler HouseDauphin (City)722 Main Street N
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the ResurrectionDauphin (City)1106 First Street SW
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the ResurrectionDauphin (City)801 Jackson Street
Ukrainian Pioneer Women MonumentDauphin (City)Main Street South
United Grain Growers Grain Elevator 1Dauphin (City)First Avenue SE
Wright HouseDauphin (City)109 Third Avenue NW