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A. C. Emmett and the Development of Manitoba's HighwaysWallace-Woodworth
Bennett CemeteryWallace-Woodworth
Boss Hill School No. 430Wallace-Woodworth
Buckingham School No. 604Wallace-Woodworth
Burnbank School No. 789Wallace-Woodworth
Concrete Arch Bridge No. 540Wallace-WoodworthGopher Creek
Concrete Arch Bridge No. 563Wallace-WoodworthGopher Creek
Concrete Beam Bridge No. 131Wallace-WoodworthBosshill Creek
Concrete Beam Bridge No. 385Wallace-WoodworthScallion Creek
Concrete Beam Bridge No. 64Wallace-WoodworthLittle Scallion Creek
Concrete Beam Bridge No. 64Wallace-WoodworthGopher Creek
Concrete Beam Bridge No. 84Wallace-WoodworthBosshill Creek
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 64Wallace-WoodworthScallion Creek
Ebor School / Arawana School No. 917Wallace-Woodworth
Elkhorn CemeteryWallace-Woodworth
Fort Ellice Trail MarkerWallace-Woodworth
Half-Way House MuseumWallace-WoodworthHargrave
Hargrave CemeteryWallace-WoodworthHargrave
Hargrave School No. 482Wallace-WoodworthHargrave
Joslin School No. 499Wallace-Woodworth
Kirkella School No. 1270Wallace-WoodworthKirkella
Knox Presbyterian Church / Wallace United ChurchWallace-Woodworth
Kola Anglican Church of the Advent / Arawana Pioneer MonumentWallace-Woodworth
Kola BridgeWallace-WoodworthPipestone Creek
Kola School No. 601Wallace-Woodworth
Kyle School / Ross Consolidated School No. 1782 / Two Creeks SchoolWallace-WoodworthTwo Creeks
Lake of the Woods Grain ElevatorWallace-WoodworthHarmsworth
Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorWallace-WoodworthKirkella
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorWallace-Woodworth
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorWallace-WoodworthHargrave
McAlonen School / Reaper School No. 1089Wallace-Woodworth
Montgomery School No. 357Wallace-Woodworth
Mossgiel School No. 602Wallace-Woodworth
No. 19 Elementary Flying Training SchoolWallace-Woodworth
Pacific School No. 749Wallace-Woodworth
Parkland School No. 2197Wallace-Woodworth
Scallion House and GranaryWallace-WoodworthScallion
Springvale School No. 1205Wallace-Woodworth
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church / St. Andrew's United ChurchWallace-Woodworth
St. John's Anglican ChurchWallace-WoodworthKirkella
Timber Beam BridgeWallace-WoodworthBosshill Creek
Two Creeks CemeteryWallace-Woodworth
Victor School No. 949Wallace-Woodworth
Wallace Centennial MonumentWallace-WoodworthHargrave
Wardle BarnWallace-Woodworth
Woodville CemeteryWallace-Woodworth
Woodville School No. 599Wallace-Woodworth