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All Hallows Tennyson CemeteryWest Interlake
All Saints Anglican CemeteryWest InterlakeScotch Bay
Ashern Gospel Chapel CemeteryWest Interlake
Ashern Pioneer MuseumWest InterlakeAshern
Ashern Pioneers MonumentWest InterlakeAshern
Ashern Presbyterian Church / Ashern United Church and CemeteryWest InterlakeAshern
Ashern Roman Catholic CemeteryWest InterlakeAshern
Ashern School No. 1880West InterlakeAshern
Barnwald School No. 1645West Interlake
Beatty School No. 1556West Interlake
Betel CemeteryWest InterlakeSilver Bay
Bissell Memorial United ChurchWest InterlakeEriksdale
Briton School No. 1734West Interlake
Canadian National Railway StationWest Interlake
Clydebank School No. 1598West Interlake
Colclough CemeteryWest Interlake
Darwin School No. 1576West Interlake
Deer Hill School No. 1786West Interlake
Deerhorn School No. 1338West Interlake
Dog Creek School No. 1939West InterlakeVogar
Dog Lake CemeteryWest Interlake
Dog Lake School No. 1562West Interlake
Dominion Post Office BuildingWest Interlake8 Main Street, Eriksdale
Dominion Post Office BuildingWest Interlake32 Main Street, Ashern
Eastland School No. 1658West Interlake
Edison School No. 2091West Interlake
Eriksdale CemeteryWest Interlake
Eriksdale Creamery MuseumWest InterlakeEriksdale
Eriksdale School No. 1571West InterlakeEriksdale
Eriksdale War MemorialWest InterlakeEriksdale
Erikson MonumentWest InterlakeEriksdale
Evangelical Lutheran ChurchWest Interlake
Goulbourne School No. 1878West Interlake
Grace Lutheran Cemetery / Ashern Community CemeteryWest InterlakeAshern
Hartfield School No. 1516West Interlake
Hayland School No. 1553West Interlake
Island Lake School No. 1530 / Abbeville School No. 1530West Interlake
La Fontaine School No. 1958West Interlake
Lake Manitoba NarrowsWest Interlake
MacRoss School No. 1575West Interlake
Marne School No. 1879West Interlake
Moggey CabinWest Interlake
Moosehorn School / Silver Bay School No. 1609West Interlake
Nord CemeteryWest Interlake
Nord School No. 1483West Interlake
Nyland School No. 1525West Interlake
Oakview CemeteryWest Interlake
Park View School No. 1391West Interlake
Pebble Beach School No. 1713West Interlake
Picnic Ridge School No. 1600West Interlake
Pioneer School No. 1563West Interlake
Ralph Connor School No. 1769West Interlake
Rosehill Limestone Quarry and KilnsWest Interlake
Scotch Bay School No. 1043West Interlake
Sharptail Grouse MonumentWest InterlakeAshern
Siglunes School No. 1399West Interlake
Simmons Conservation MonumentWest InterlakeNina Lake
South Head School No. 1611West Interlake
St. Cuthbert's CemeteryWest Interlake
St. Erik's Roman Catholic ChurchWest InterlakeEriksdale
St. Francis Roman Catholic CemeteryWest InterlakeVogar
St. Francis Roman Catholic ChurchWest InterlakeVogar
St. John's Anglican Church / Eriksdale MuseumWest InterlakeEriksdale
Tennyson School No. 1937West Interlake
The Narrows School No. 1450West Interlake
Vogar Anglican Cemetery / Dog Creek Anglican CemeteryWest InterlakeVogar
Woolsery School No. 2017West Interlake