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Ancrum School No. 329Riverdale
Bank of Hamilton Bank VaultRiverdaleBradwardine
Bradwardine School No. 1307 / Bradwardine Pioneers MonumentRiverdaleBradwardine
Canadian Bank of Commerce BuildingRiverdale141 Main Street, Rivers
Canadian National Railway StationRiverdaleRivers
Canadian Pacific Railway StationRiverdale315 Fifth Avenue, Rivers
Carnegie MonumentRiverdaleCarnegie
Chapman Family Grain ElevatorRiverdale
Chapman MuseumRiverdale
Concrete Beam Bridge No. 126RiverdaleOak River
Concrete Beam Bridge No. 826RiverdaleOak River
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 827RiverdaleSibbald Creek
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 916RiverdaleSibbald Creek
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 989RiverdaleSibbald Creek
Daly Union School No. 193Riverdale
Dominion Post Office BuildingRiverdale587 Second Avenue, Rivers
English MuseumRiverdale
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Dam and Pump HouseRiverdaleRivers
Gwenmar / McGregor HouseRiverdale
Harrow School No. 464Riverdale
Hunter School No. 571Riverdale
Kirkham's BridgeRiverdaleLittle Saskatchewan River
Kirkham's Bridge Women's Institute MonumentRiverdale
Knox Presbyterian Church / Rivers United ChurchRiverdaleRivers
Lothair School No. 678Riverdale
Lyon HouseRiverdale404 Main Street, Rivers
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorRiverdaleBradwardine
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorRiverdaleDeerboine Colony
Mayne School No. 753Riverdale
National Grain Elevator / Cargill Grain Elevator ARiverdaleRivers
No. 1 Air Navigation School / CFB RiversRiverdale
No. 1 Air Navigation School MonumentRiverdale
Paterson BarnRiverdale
Pendennis MonumentRiverdalePendennis
Pendennis School No. 920Riverdale
Poplar Hill School No. 479Riverdale
Reeves Barn / Sibbald BarnRiverdale
Rivers Community CemeteryRiverdaleRivers
Rivers School No. 1484 / Rivers Anniversary MonumentRiverdaleRivers
Rivers War MemorialRiverdaleRivers
Robinville School No. 1392Riverdale
Roseville Cemetery and MonumentRiverdale
Sibbald Wildlife SanctuaryRiverdale
Spring Valley School No. 649Riverdale
Steel Through Truss BridgeRiverdaleAssiniboine River
St. James Anglican ChurchRiverdale580 Columbia Street, Rivers
St. Matthews Ancrum CemeteryRiverdale
Tarbolton School No. 297Riverdale
Tarbolton United Church and CemeteryRiverdale
United Grain Growers Grain Elevator / Cargill Grain Elevator B / Private Grain ElevatorRiverdaleRivers
Wareham Conservation MonumentRiverdaleRivers
Western Canada Flour Mills Grain Elevator / United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorRiverdaleWheatland
Westwood School No. 1308RiverdaleWheatland