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Asessippi CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Asessippi Townsite / Steel Through Truss BridgeRiding Mountain WestShell River
Bethany South CemeteryRiding Mountain West
British America Grain Elevator / United Grain Growers Grain Elevator / Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator BRiding Mountain WestDropmore
Burla Family MonumentRiding Mountain West
Castleavery CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Castleavery School No. 416Riding Mountain West
Davidson Family MonumentRiding Mountain West
Dropmore CemeteryRiding Mountain WestDropmore
Dropmore School No. 1558Riding Mountain WestDropmore
Dropmore War MemorialRiding Mountain WestDropmore
Endcliffe School No. 1500Riding Mountain West
Frank Skinner Arboretum / F. L. Skinner PlaqueRiding Mountain West
Grainsby School No. 1294Riding Mountain West
Holy Trinity Lutheran CemeteryRiding Mountain WestInglis
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church and CemeteryRiding Mountain WestLennard
Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic SiteRiding Mountain WestInglis
Inglis School No. 2107Riding Mountain WestInglis
Lennard MonumentRiding Mountain WestLennard
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator ARiding Mountain WestDropmore
McLennan School / Cracknell School No. 2042Riding Mountain West
Northern Grain Elevator / National Grain Elevator / Cargill Grain ElevatorRiding Mountain WestInglis
Paterson Grain ElevatorRiding Mountain WestInglis
Province Grain Elevator / Reliance Grain Elevator A / Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator A / United Grain Growers Grain Elevator 2Riding Mountain WestInglis
Reliance Grain Elevator B / Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator B / United Grain Growers Grain Elevator 3Riding Mountain WestInglis
Rochedale CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Rochedale School No. 1268Riding Mountain West
Royston School No. 2049Riding Mountain West
Shellbank School No. 1535Riding Mountain WestLennard
Shellmouth Municipal CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Shellmouth Pioneers CemeteryRiding Mountain West
Shellmouth School No. 292Riding Mountain WestShellmouth
Shellmouth United ChurchRiding Mountain WestShellmouth
Shellmouth War MemorialRiding Mountain WestShellmouth
Shellvale School No. 2034Riding Mountain West
St. Elijah Romanian Orthodox Church / Pioneer Museum and Paulencu HouseRiding Mountain WestLennard
Thunder Creek School No. 1455Riding Mountain West
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorRiding Mountain WestInglis
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorRiding Mountain WestEndcliffe