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Aberdour School / Hallboro School No. 710North Cypress-Langford
Auburn School No. 146North Cypress-Langford
Beautiful Hills Memorial ParkNorth Cypress-Langford
Belton School No. 370North Cypress-Langford
Brookdale CemeteryNorth Cypress-Langford
Brookdale Grain WarehouseNorth Cypress-LangfordBrookdale
Brookdale Methodist Church / Brookdale United ChurchNorth Cypress-LangfordBrookdale
Brookdale School No. 1299North Cypress-LangfordBrookdale
Brookdale War MemorialNorth Cypress-Langford
Brucefield School No. 799North Cypress-Langford
Camp Hughes CemeteryNorth Cypress-Langford
Camp Sewell / Camp HughesNorth Cypress-Langford
Canadian National Railway StationNorth Cypress-LangfordBrookdale
Castle Hill School No. 1057North Cypress-Langford
Creeford School No. 180North Cypress-Langford
Deer Range School No. 922North Cypress-Langford
Dempsey School No. 189North Cypress-LangfordGregg
Drysdale HouseNorth Cypress-Langford
Dumfries School No. 192North Cypress-Langford
Edrans BrickworksNorth Cypress-LangfordEdrans
Edrans Cemetery / Edrans War MemorialNorth Cypress-Langford
Edrans Union School No. 1142North Cypress-LangfordEdrans
Elesmere School No. 1147North Cypress-Langford
Elk Park School / Firdale School No. 866North Cypress-LangfordFirdale
Elton School No. 131North Cypress-Langford
Ernest Thompson Seton PlaqueNorth Cypress-Langford
Fairview School No. 198North Cypress-Langford
Freeland School No. 711North Cypress-Langford
Glendale School No. 207North Cypress-Langford
Gordon School No. 213North Cypress-Langford
Gordon United Church MonumentNorth Cypress-Langford
Govenlock BarnNorth Cypress-Langford
Greenwood School / Ecole La SourceNorth Cypress-LangfordShilo
Harburn School No. 1313North Cypress-Langford
Hazel Grove School No. 798North Cypress-Langford
Hummerston Town SiteNorth Cypress-LangfordHummerston
Ingelow United Church and Community Hall MonumentNorth Cypress-Langford
Inkerman (Presbyterian) United ChurchNorth Cypress-Langford
Inkerman School No. 875North Cypress-Langford
Irvine School No. 1146North Cypress-Langford
Kapyong MonumentsNorth Cypress-LangfordShilo
Kennedy School No. 1443North Cypress-Langford
Kerfoot Methodist Church / Kerfoot United Church and CemeteryNorth Cypress-Langford
Langley School No. 2082North Cypress-Langford
Layng's Ford MonumentNorth Cypress-Langford
Linwood School No. 641North Cypress-Langford
Lyons HouseNorth Cypress-Langford
Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorNorth Cypress-LangfordHarte
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorNorth Cypress-LangfordBrookdale
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorNorth Cypress-LangfordMentmore
McLaren FarmNorth Cypress-Langford
Melbourne School No. 234North Cypress-Langford
Montrose School No. 242North Cypress-Langford
No. 12 Service Flying Training School, Douglas Relief FieldNorth Cypress-Langford
No. 26 Elementary Flying Training SchoolNorth Cypress-Langford
No. 33 Service Flying Training SchoolNorth Cypress-Langford
No. 33 Service Flying Training School, Oberon Relief Field / Oberon AerodromeNorth Cypress-Langford
No. 33 Service Flying Training School, Petrel Relief Field / Petrel AerodromeNorth Cypress-Langford
Oakdale School No. 709North Cypress-Langford
Oberon Memorial Monument, Rink, and Community HallNorth Cypress-LangfordOberon
Oberon School No. 259North Cypress-Langford
Ogilvie Grain Elevator / Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorNorth Cypress-LangfordOberon
O'Kelly SchoolNorth Cypress-LangfordShilo
Olmstead Family MonumentNorth Cypress-Langford
Osprey School No. 261North Cypress-Langford
Pleasant Point School No. 267North Cypress-Langford
Princess Elizabeth SchoolNorth Cypress-LangfordShilo
Prosser School No. 2040North Cypress-Langford
Sangster BarnNorth Cypress-Langford
Scott Conservation MonumentNorth Cypress-Langford
Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society Grain Elevator / Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorNorth Cypress-LangfordGregg
Security Grain Elevator / Northern Grain Elevator / National Grain Elevator / Cargill Grain ElevatorNorth Cypress-LangfordFirdale
Shilo Memorial CairnNorth Cypress-LangfordCFB Shilo
Shilo Sundial MemorialNorth Cypress-LangfordShilo
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church / Petrel United Church / Petrel School No. 268North Cypress-Langford
Stinson School No. 325North Cypress-Langford
Stoney Creek School No. 133North Cypress-Langford
Summerville Curling RinkNorth Cypress-Langford
Summerville School No. 160North Cypress-Langford
The Royal Canadian Artillery MuseumNorth Cypress-LangfordShilo
Union School No. 300North Cypress-Langford
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorNorth Cypress-LangfordFairview
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorNorth Cypress-LangfordBrookdale
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorNorth Cypress-LangfordPetrel Junction
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorNorth Cypress-LangfordWellwood
Wellwood CemeteryNorth Cypress-Langford
Wellwood Consolidated School No. 135North Cypress-LangfordWellwood
Woodlea School / Ingelow School No. 560North Cypress-Langford
Zion Presbyterian Church MonumentNorth Cypress-LangfordWellwood