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Ascension of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery / Pulp River and District CemeteryMountainPulp River
Ascension of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic ChurchMountainPulp River
Asquith School No. 1844Mountain
Bell River School No. 2157MountainBellsite
Bellsite CemeteryMountainBellsite
Big Stone School / St. Lambert School No. 1889Mountain
Birch River Village School No. 2053 / Birch River CollegiateMountainBirch River
Birch River War MemorialMountainBirch River
Birdview School / Darveau School No. 1869Mountain
Boychuk Cemetery / Christiana CemeteryMountain
Campbellton School No. 1887Mountain
Camperville Community CemeteryMountain
Caruk Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMountain
Christiana School No. 1644Mountain
Corbett Family MonumentMountainBirch River
Cowan Ridge School No. 2305Mountain
Cowan River School No. 1808Mountain
Cowan School No. 1132Mountain
Cowan Trail MonumentMountain
Crandell CemeteryMountain
Deering School / Deering Siding School / Briggs Spur School No. 2203Mountain
Drury School No. 1671Mountain
Duck River School No. 2021Mountain
Evenlode School No. 2347Mountain
Father Darveau MonumentMountainCamperville
Favor School No. 2243Mountain
Favor Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryMountain
Fletcher School No. 1560Mountain
Furdewich Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMountain
Glacial Lake Agassiz PlaqueMountainBirch River Wayside Park
Glover Creek School No. 2304Mountain
Highway School No. 2242Mountain
Holy Cross Cemetery / St. George CemeteryMountain
Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMountainSclater
Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic ChurchMountainSclater
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic ChurchMountainCowan
Jubilee School No. 2169Mountain
Lens School No. 2023Mountain
Little Creek School No. 2306Mountain
Lynnville School No. 1822Mountain
Mafeking CemeteryMountainMafeking
Mafeking Village School No. 1689MountainMafeking
Mafeking War MemorialMountainMafeking
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / United Grain Growers Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorMountainBellsite
McKinley School No. 1462Mountain
Millennium of Ukrainian Christianity MonumentMountainPine River
Novra School No. 2172MountainNovra
Old Fort School No. 1868Mountain
Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryMountainCamperville
Our Lady of the Snow Catholic CemeteryMountainSclater
Our Lady of the Snow Catholic ChurchMountainSclater
Pasadena School No. 2329Mountain
Peach SchoolMountain
Pine Grove CemeteryMountainCowan
Pine River School District No. 1351 / Pine River Consolidated School District No. 2438MountainPine River
Pine River United CemeteryMountain
Pine River United ChurchMountainPine River
Riga School No. 1803Mountain
Rosa School No. 2200Mountain
Sclater BridgeMountainSclater River
Sclater Pioneer Cemetery / St. Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryMountainSclater
Sclater School No. 1565MountainSclater
Steele School No. 1800Mountain
St. Margaret's Anglican ChurchMountainMafeking
St. Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox ChurchMountainSclater
Sts. Peters and Paul Roman Catholic ChurchMountainPine River
Sts. Vladimir and Olha Ukrainian Catholic ChurchMountainPine River
Swan Woody School No. 2307Mountain
Transfiguration of Jesus Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryMountain
Transfiguration of Jesus Ukrainian Catholic ChurchMountain
Ukrainian Orthodox Church Pine RiverMountainPine River
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorMountainNovra
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorMountainBirch River
Vimy Ridge Roman Catholic CemeteryMountain
Vimy Ridge School No. 1922Mountain
Vimy Ridge Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryMountain