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Aberdeen School No. 761Louise
Canadian Pacific Railway Water TowerLouiseClearwater
Clearwater Agricultural MuseumLouiseClearwater
Clearwater CemeteryLouise
Clearwater School No. 106LouiseClearwater
Clearwater War MemorialLouiseClearwater
Concrete Bowstring Arch BridgeLouiseCypress Creek, Clearwater
Concrete Bowstring Arch Bridge No. 503LouiseCrystal Creek, Crystal City
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 547Louise
Copperfield School No. 480Louise
Crystal City CemeteryLouiseCrystal City
Crystal City Centennial PlaqueLouiseCrystal City
Crystal City Printing MuseumLouise218 Broadway Street South, Crystal City
Crystal City School No. 107LouiseBroadway Street, Crystal City
Crystal City Telephone Exchange BuildingLouise210 Broadway Street, Crystal City
Crystal City War MemorialLouiseCrystal City
Cypress School No. 175Louise
Dominion Post Office BuildingLouise22 South Railway Avenue, Crystal City
Dominion Post Office BuildingLouise23 Railway Street, Pilot Mound
Early Settlers' MonumentLouisePilot Mound
Eton School No. 356Louise
Fallison Commemorative MarkerLouiseFallison
Federal Grain ElevatorLouiseClearwater
Floral School No. 397Louise
Goudney School #1 No. 87Louise
Goudney School #2 No. 87Louise
Gowancroft School No. 204Louise
Greenwood CemeteryLouisePilot Mound
Huron School No. 215Louise
Kester Family MonumentLouise
Knox Presbyterian Church / Pilot Mound United ChurchLouiseMoffat Avenue, Pilot Mound
Knox United ChurchLouiseClearwater
Londesboro School No. 114Louise
Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorLouiseClearwater
Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorLouisePilot Mound
Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorLouiseFallison
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Paterson Grain ElevatorLouiseCrystal City
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorLouisePurves
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorLouiseWood Bay
Manitoba - The Postage Stamp Province 1870LouiseClearwater
Manitoba World War I MuseumLouise
Maple Leaf Grain Elevator / Federal Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorLouisePurves
MEC Grain Elevator / Wiley Low Grain Elevator / Federal Grain ElevatorLouiseFallison
Motheral BarnLouise
Mountain School No. 367Louise
Parkland TheatreLouise106 Broadway Street, Crystal City
Paterson Grain ElevatorLouiseCrystal City
Pembina School No. 270Louise
Pilot Mound and District MuseumLouise213 Lorne Avenue, Pilot Mound
Pilot Mound Old CemeteryLouisePilot Mound
Pilot Mound PlaqueLouisePilot Mound
Pilot Mound Roman Catholic ChurchLouiseAnderson Street, Pilot Mound
Pilot Mound School No. 105LouisePilot Mound
Pilot Mound War MemorialLouisePilot Mound
Purves United ChurchLouisePurves
Rollins School No. 645Louise
Rosebud School No. 644Louise
Silver Springs School No. 119Louise
St. Andrew's Anglican ChurchLouise306 Broadway Street South, Crystal City
Star Mound / Star Mound School No. 413Louise
St. John's Anglican ChurchLouise218 Moffat Avenue West, Pilot Mound
St. Lawrence School No. 646Louise
St. Paul's Anglican ChurchLouiseClearwater
Stuartville School No. 795Louise
The Oaks School No. 412Louise
The "Old Mound" and Bank VaultLouise
Thomas Greenway CemeteryLouiseCrystal City
Thomas Greenway PlaqueLouiseCrystal City
Union Bank Building / Royal Bank BuildingLouise121 Broadway Street South, Crystal City
Willowdale School No. 309LouisePurves
Wood Bay CemeteryLouise
Wood Bay MonumentLouiseWood Bay
Wood Bay School No. 307Louise