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Abbotshall School No. 1875Lakeshore
Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryLakeshoreToutes Aides
Bluebell School No. 930Lakeshore
Carrick School No. 1639Lakeshore
Coronation SchoolLakeshore
Crane Bay School No. 2022Lakeshore
Dane McCarthy School No. 2208Lakeshore
Dominion Post Office BuildingLakeshoreRorketon
Edillen School No. 1753Lakeshore
Freedale School No. 1622Lakeshore
Granville School No. 1623Lakeshore
Hamilton School No. 855Lakeshore
Holy Trinity Anglican Church and CemeteryLakeshoreMakinak
Horyn School No. 1794Lakeshore
Janowski School No. 1512Lakeshore
Lawrence War MemorialLakeshoreRorketon
Magnet CemeteryLakeshore
Magnet School No. 1601Lakeshore
Makinak Methodist Church / Makinak United ChurchLakeshoreMakinak
Makinak Municipal CemeteryLakeshoreMakinak
Makinak Roman Catholic CemeteryLakeshoreMakinak
Makinak School No. 979LakeshoreMakinak
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorLakeshoreMakinak
Methley School No. 2055Lakeshore
Micawber School No. 2207Lakeshore
Million School No. 1603Lakeshore
Moose Bay School No. 1459Lakeshore
National Grain Elevator / Cargill Grain ElevatorLakeshoreOchre River
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryLakeshore
Notre Dame Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryLakeshoreToutes Aides
Oak Brae Catholic CemeteryLakeshore
Ochre River Municipal CemeteryLakeshoreOchre River
Ochre River School No. 919LakeshoreOchre River
Ridgeway CemeteryLakeshore
Rorketon School No. 2208 / Lawrence Municipal School No. 2208LakeshoreRorketon
Rorketon United ChurchLakeshoreRorke Street, Rorketon
Roxton School No. 1625Lakeshore
St. Anthony's Roman Catholic ChurchLakeshoreRorketon
St. John's Roman Catholic CemeteryLakeshoreRorketon
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryLakeshoreHoryn
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic ChurchLakeshoreHoryn
St. Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Parish HallLakeshoreRorketon
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryLakeshoreRorketon
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic ChurchLakeshoreRorketon
Toutes Aides School No. 1724Lakeshore
Turtle River CemeteryLakeshore
Turtle River School No. 725Lakeshore
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorLakeshoreRorketon
Woodbend School No. 1886Lakeshore