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Bank of Hamilton Building / Canadian Bank of Commerce BuildingKillarney-Turtle MountainBroadway Avenue, Killarney
Bank of Toronto VaultKillarney-Turtle MountainRailway Avenue, Holmfield
Bannerman Town SiteKillarney-Turtle MountainBannerman
Barkwell HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain236 Mountain Avenue, Killarney
Bethel School No. 301Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Buhler HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain112 Mountain Avenue, Killarney
Chapman HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain523 Hossack Avenue, Killarney
Coleman BlockKillarney-Turtle Mountain502 Broadway Avenue, Killarney
Concrete Beam Bridge No. 1197Killarney-Turtle MountainLong River
Concrete Beam Bridge No. 1348Killarney-Turtle MountainPembina River
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 1346Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Concrete Culvert Bridge No. 1347Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Dafoe HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain203 Hossack Avenue, Killarney
Demonstration Farm HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain44 Water Avenue, Killarney
Dominion Post Office BuildingKillarney-Turtle Mountain500 Broadway Avenue, Killarney
Enterprise School No. 701Killarney-Turtle MountainEnterprise
Erskine Presbyterian ChurchKillarney-Turtle MountainWilliams Avenue, Killarney
Erskine Presbyterian ManseKillarney-Turtle Mountain236 William Avenue, Killarney
Fairdale School No. 199Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Fedorowich HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain112 Broadway Avenue, Killarney
Finnen HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain205 Clark Avenue, Killarney
Finnen HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain213 Fletcher Street, Killarney
Flax Fibre WarehousesKillarney-Turtle MountainNorth Railway Street, Killarney
Glendenning School No. 552Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Harrison Mill and Grain ElevatorsKillarney-Turtle MountainHolmfield
Hay HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain402 Clark Avenue, Killarney
Henderson School No. 1311Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Highview School No. 427Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Holmfield CemeteryKillarney-Turtle Mountain
Holmfield Centennial HallKillarney-Turtle MountainHolmfield
Holmfield School No. 699Killarney-Turtle MountainHolmfield
Holmfield Swimming HoleKillarney-Turtle MountainLong River, Holmfield
Holy Trinity Anglican ChurchKillarney-Turtle Mountain204 Fletcher Street, Killarney
Holy Trinity Anglican ParsonageKillarney-Turtle Mountain319 William Avenue, Killarney
Hossack TerraceKillarney-Turtle Mountain51 Lake Avenue, Killarney
Hullett School No. 700Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Hysop HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain308 William Avenue, Killarney
Jaques School No. 605Killarney-Turtle Mountain
J. A. V. David MuseumKillarney-Turtle Mountain414 Williams Avenue, Killarney
Jewell HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain317 Broadway Avenue, Killarney
Killarney CemeteryKillarney-Turtle MountainKillarney
Killarney Nursing HomeKillarney-Turtle Mountain205 Laurier Avenue, Killarney
Killarney Pioneers MonumentKillarney-Turtle Mountain
Killarney School No. 252Killarney-Turtle MountainBroadway Avenue, Killarney
Killarney War MemorialKillarney-Turtle MountainBroadway Avenue, Killarney
Killarney Water TowerKillarney-Turtle MountainKillarney
Lawrence HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain115 Broadway Avenue, Killarney
Lena School No. 1393Killarney-Turtle MountainLena
Long River School No. 720Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Lyonshall School No. 223Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Magwood Family MonumentKillarney-Turtle Mountain
Manitoba Pool Grain ElevatorKillarney-Turtle MountainRhodes
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator AKillarney-Turtle MountainSouth Railway Street, Killarney
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator BKillarney-Turtle MountainSouth Railway Street, Killarney
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorKillarney-Turtle MountainLena
Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator / Private Grain ElevatorKillarney-Turtle MountainNinga
McMillan HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain237 Clark Avenue, Killarney
Messner Store MuseumKillarney-Turtle MountainHolmfield
Ninga CemeteryKillarney-Turtle MountainNinga
Ninga Presbyterian ChurchKillarney-Turtle MountainNinga
Ninga School No. 485Killarney-Turtle MountainNinga
Northcote School No. 396Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Oak Ridge School No. 328Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Pancake Lake Heritage SiteKillarney-Turtle Mountain
Paterson Grain ElevatorKillarney-Turtle MountainLena
Paterson Grain ElevatorKillarney-Turtle MountainSouth Railway Street, Killarney
Paterson Grain ElevatorKillarney-Turtle MountainEnterprise
Paterson Grain Elevator / FeedMax Grain ElevatorKillarney-Turtle MountainKillarney
Plum Hollow School No. 549Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Pritchard HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain213 Mountain Avenue, Killarney
Pugh HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain203 Broadway Avenue, Killarney
Rose Valley School No. 344Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Safeway StoreKillarney-Turtle Mountain515 Broadway Avenue, Killarney
Sanders School No. 392Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Schnarr HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain413 Clark Avenue, Killarney
Shamrock Drive-InKillarney-Turtle MountainKillarney
Shannon HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain337 William Avenue, Killarney
Shaver HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain
Stationary Engine MuseumKillarney-Turtle Mountain
Stevenson HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain105 Broadway Avenue, Killarney
St. George's Anglican ChurchKillarney-Turtle MountainHolmfield
Stilwell HouseKillarney-Turtle Mountain501 William Avenue, Killarney
St. John's Anglican ChurchKillarney-Turtle Mountain
Tisdale School No. 815Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Tozeland HouseKillarney-Turtle MountainOak Point, Killarney
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorKillarney-Turtle MountainSouth Railway Street, Killarney
Victoria Lake School No. 446Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Wakopa MonumentKillarney-Turtle Mountain
Wakopa School No. 308Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Wallis BlockKillarney-Turtle Mountain506 Broadway Avenue, Killarney
West Derby School No. 194Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Wheels of Agriculture MonumentKillarney-Turtle MountainKillarney