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Banks School No. 1466Dauphin (RM)
Bay Centre School No. 738Dauphin (RM)
Brown BarnDauphin (RM)
Burrows School No. 1122Dauphin (RM)
Dauphin Plains School No. 873Dauphin (RM)
Dickson School No. 1063Dauphin (RM)
Dublin Bay School No. 2010Dauphin (RM)
Durston Family Grain ElevatorDauphin (RM)
Durston School No. 2066Dauphin (RM)
Eclipse School No. 1177Dauphin (RM)
Fairville School No. 1059Dauphin (RM)
First Holy Trinity Roman Catholic CemeteryDauphin (RM)
Fishing River School No. 1153Dauphin (RM)
Gartmore School No. 629Dauphin (RM)
Gillis Farm Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryDauphin (RM)
Grace Baptist ChurchDauphin (RM)
Hidden Valley Wildlife SanctuaryDauphin (RM)
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryDauphin (RM)Fishing River
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic ChurchDauphin (RM)Fishing River
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryDauphin (RM)
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox ChurchDauphin (RM)
Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox ChurchDauphin (RM)Sifton
Izon BarnDauphin (RM)
Janiw School / Mountain Stream School No. 1544Dauphin (RM)
Jordon Creek School / Halley School No. 1532Dauphin (RM)
Kosiw Pioneers MonumentDauphin (RM)
Kosiw School No. 1245Dauphin (RM)
Kosiw Ukrainian Orthodox CemeteryDauphin (RM)
Lawrence Family Farm MarkerDauphin (RM)
Listowel School No. 834Dauphin (RM)
Mayflower School No. 1041Dauphin (RM)
McQuay BarnDauphin (RM)
Melton School No. 1101Dauphin (RM)
Mink River School No. 1154Dauphin (RM)
Mountview School No. 953Dauphin (RM)
No. 10 Service Flying Training School / Barker AirportDauphin (RM)
No. 10 Service Flying Training School, North Junction Relief FieldDauphin (RM)
No. 10 Service Flying Training School, Valley River Relief FieldDauphin (RM)
No. 7 Bombing and Gunnery SchoolDauphin (RM)Paulson
Norton School No. 2094Dauphin (RM)
Old Dauphin School No. 531Dauphin (RM)
Oukraina School No. 1112Dauphin (RM)
Oukraina School No. 1112Dauphin (RM)Sifton
Paulson School No. 1985Dauphin (RM)
Peter Fidler GravesiteDauphin (RM)
Podolia School No. 1157Dauphin (RM)
Rigby School No. 2026Dauphin (RM)
Ripon School No. 2029Dauphin (RM)
Riverbend School No. 1176Dauphin (RM)
Russian Orthodox CemeteryDauphin (RM)Sifton
Russian Orthodox Orphanage MonumentDauphin (RM)Sifton
Sandringham School No. 722Dauphin (RM)
Second Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryDauphin (RM)Sifton
Selo Ukraina MuseumDauphin (RM)
Sifton School No. 1009Dauphin (RM)Sifton
Sifton Ukrainian Orthodox ChurchDauphin (RM)Sifton
Sifton United ChurchDauphin (RM)Sifton
Slobodzian Family MonumentDauphin (RM)
Spruce Bluff Community HallDauphin (RM)
Spruce Creek School No. 723Dauphin (RM)
Stasiuk Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryDauphin (RM)
Steel Beam BridgeDauphin (RM)Wilson River
Steel Beam BridgeDauphin (RM)Vermillion River
Steel Pony Truss BridgeDauphin (RM)Wilson River
Steel Pony Truss Bridge / Nakoneshny BridgeDauphin (RM)Valley River
St. John's Community CemeteryDauphin (RM)
St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryDauphin (RM)Sifton
St. Mary's Convent SchoolDauphin (RM)Sifton
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryDauphin (RM)Keld
Strilchuk Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryDauphin (RM)Sifton
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryDauphin (RM)Valley River
Sts. Vladimir and Olga Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryDauphin (RM)Valley River
Sts. Vladimir and Olga Ukrainian Catholic ChurchDauphin (RM)Valley River
Trembowla Cross of Freedom MuseumDauphin (RM)
Trembowla School No. 1040Dauphin (RM)
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Sts. Peter and PaulDauphin (RM)
United Grain Growers Grain ElevatorDauphin (RM)Sifton
Unknown CemeteryDauphin (RM)
Valley River Suspension BridgeDauphin (RM)Valley River
Valley Village School No. 2126Dauphin (RM)Valley River
Vermillion School No. 613Dauphin (RM)
West Bay School No. 1223Dauphin (RM)
W. G. Barker PlaqueDauphin (RM)Municipal Airport
Willard McPhedrain MonumentDauphin (RM)Sifton
Wilson River School No. 688Dauphin (RM)
Wycliffe School No. 1564Dauphin (RM)Sifton