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Adam School No. 2012Armstrong
Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic ChurchArmstrongSkylake
Armstrong War MemorialArmstrongMeleb
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic CemeteryArmstrongMeleb
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryArmstrongZbruch
Bender HamletArmstrong
Bender Hamlet CemeteryArmstrong
Bender School No. 1449ArmstrongBender Hamlet
Buffalo Lake School No. 1881Armstrong
Canadian Pacific Railway StationArmstrongSilver
Canadian Pacific Railway StationArmstrongFraserwood
Carlsborg School No. 1776Armstrong
Cavendish School No. 1866Armstrong
Chatfield Community CemeteryArmstrong
Chatfield Park of Souvenirs MuseumArmstrongChatfield
Chatfield School No. 1610Armstrong
Clematis School No. 1938Armstrong
Clover Leaf StoreArmstrongMeleb
Cook School No. 1900Armstrong
Cossette School No. 1378ArmstrongInwood
Crabby Steve's Dance HallArmstrong
Cumming School No. 2076Armstrong
Devonshire School No. 1865Armstrong
Fish Lake School No. 1747Armstrong
Fraserwood Farms Cemetery / Sacred Heart of Jesus Ukrainian Catholic Church and Cemetery / St. Basil's Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryArmstrong
Fraserwood Tourist HotelArmstrongFraserwood
Fyrer School No. 1676Armstrong
Gethsemane Lutheran ChurchArmstrongInwood
Giant Snake MonumentArmstrongInwood
Great Northern Railway StationArmstrongSandridge
Hastings School No. 1853Armstrong
Holy Cross Greek Catholic Cemetery / Polson CemeteryArmstrongDennis Lake
Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic ChurchArmstrongDennis Lake
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery / Komarno Settlement MonumentArmstrong
Hythe School No. 1914Armstrong
Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic CemeteryArmstrongKomarno
Inwood Collegiate / Inwood SchoolArmstrongInwood
Inwood Lime Quarry and Manufacturing PlantArmstrong
Inwood Lutheran CemeteryArmstrongInwood
Inwood Pioneer MemorialArmstrongInwood
Inwood Veterans MemorialArmstrongInwood
Kreuzburg School / Fraserwood School No. 1666ArmstrongFraserwood
Little Maple School / Skogan School No. 1775Armstrong
Malonton Pioneers MonumentArmstrongMalonton
Malonton School No. 1653ArmstrongMalonton
Meleb-Park-Cumming School Reunion Park / Meleb Mushrooms MonumentArmstrongMeleb
Meleb School No. 1665ArmstrongMeleb
Meleb Service StationArmstrongMeleb
Monar School No. 1166Armstrong
Narcisse School No. 1842ArmstrongNarcisse
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryArmstrongRembrandt
North Felsendorf School No. 1096Armstrong
North Polsen School No. 1523Armstrong
Old Booth School No. 1444Armstrong
Park School No. 1491Armstrong
Park Side CemeteryArmstrong
Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church ArmstrongMalonton
Peace Evangelical Lutheran CemeteryArmstrong
Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church MonumentArmstrong
Precious Blood Roman Catholic CemeteryArmstrongFraserwood
Precious Blood Roman Catholic ChurchArmstrongFraserwood
Rembrandt Pioneer CemeteryArmstrong
Rembrandt School No. 1570Armstrong
Rondeau School No. 1213Armstrong
Rosery School No. 1907Armstrong
Sambor School No. 1791Armstrong
Sandridge CemeteryArmstrong
Sandridge School No. 1363Armstrong
Skylake Cemetery / Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryArmstrongSkylake
South Felsendorf School No. 1096Armstrong
Spruce View School No. 1936Armstrong
St. Cecelia Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryArmstrongInwood
St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryArmstrong
St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic ChurchArmstrong
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryArmstrong
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic ChurchArmstrongSilver
St. Mary Protectice Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryArmstrongMalonton
St. Michael's of Archangels Roman Catholic ChurchArmstrongMeleb
St. Nicholas CemeteryArmstrong
St. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox CemeteryArmstrong
Striy School No. 1424Armstrong
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic ChurchArmstrongFraserwood
Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church and CemeteryArmstrongArnes West
Sts. Peters and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery / Fraserwood Community CemeteryArmstrongFraserwood
Three Sisters School No. 1747Armstrong
Ukrainian and Polish Settlers Commemorative MonumentArmstrongMeleb
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Blessed AssumptionArmstrongMeleb
Union Prairie CemeteryArmstrong
Union Prairie School No. 1236Armstrong
Unknown School BuildingArmstrongSilver
Wheathill School No. 1650Armstrong
Willow Creek School No. 1138Armstrong
Willowview CemeteryArmstrong
Willowview School No. 1616Armstrong
Zbruch School No. 1496Armstrong